Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Goal of Funtoo

A lot of people have asked me recently “What is the goal of Funtoo? What are you trying to do?”

For those who are trying to understand the inspiration behind Funtoo, this video should make it clear:

OK, OK, here’s an explanation of what Funtoo is about. We are focusing on providing the infrastructure Gentoo needs to move to a more distributed, collaborative model. This includes a git-based Portage tree as well as the Metro build engine.

We are not a “fork” of Gentoo in the traditional sense of the word, though of course we are trying to do things better (otherwise, what would be the point of doing anything?) We are trying to aim to be as compatible with Gentoo as possible, so that it is easy for us to share technology with Gentoo.

Here’s something else to wrap your head around. Back in the 90’s, “fork” was a bad word. But these days (with distributed SCM tools like git) a “fork” is something that happens every day. Forking is no longer a political thing, but something a developer does whenever appropriate. If you need to do something new or interesting, or fix some bugs, you should be able to easily fork Funtoo. Then, with your own private copy of Funtoo, you can pleasantly do your cool thing, test it, and then share your work. If you did something useful, others will “merge” your work into their efforts. We encourage others to fork our projects.

Funtoo’s mission is to provide the infrastructure to allow collaboration to happen, so that people can innovate in a distributed way, and more people can get involved.