Attorney General Hardy Myers

Attorney General Hardy Myers

Attorney General Hardy Myers

Hardy Myers was born in Electric Mills, Mississippi on October 25, 1939. He was educated in the public schools of Bend and Prineville before graduating from the University of Oregon in 1964 with an LL.B.

Myers served as law clerk to United States District Judge William East from 1964–65. He has been in private law practice with Stoel Rives and predecessor firms since 1965 specializing in labor and employment law and government affairs law. He is a member of the Oregon State Bar and Multnomah County Bar Association.

First elected to the House of Representatives in 1975, Myers served as a state representative for 10 years and as Speaker of the House from 1979–83. He also served as a Councilor for the Metropolitan Service District from 1985–86.

Other professional activities include serving as co-chair of the Governor’s Task Force on State Employee Compensation (1995), chair of the Governor’s Task Force on State Employee Benefits (1994), chair of the Oregon Criminal Justice Council (1987–91), chair of the Oregon Jail Project (1984–86) and chair of the Citizen’s Task Force on Mass Transit Policy.

Married to Mary Ann Thalhofer of Prineville, the attorney general and his wife live in Portland and have three children.

Attorney General Hardy Myers
Justice Building, Salem 97310; 503-378-4400

Hardy Myers, Portland; Democrat; elected 1996; reelected 2000; reelected 2004; term expires January 2009. The attorney general is the chief legal officer of the state of Oregon and heads the Department of Justice and its six operating divisions.

The attorney general controls and supervises all court actions and legal proceedings in which the state of Oregon is a party or has an interest. The attorney general also has full charge and control of all legal business of all state departments, boards and commissions that require the services of legal counsel. He prepares ballot titles for measures to be voted upon by the people of Oregon and appoints the assistant attorneys general to act as counsel for the various state departments, boards and commissions.

The attorney general gives written opinions upon any question of law in which the state or any public subdivision may have an interest when requested by the governor, any state agency official or any member of the legislature. The attorney general and his assistants are prohibited by law from rendering opinions or giving legal advice to any other persons or agencies.

Services and responsibilities of the attorney general and the Department of Justice are: representation of the state’s interests in all civil and criminal cases before the state and federal courts; consumer protection and information services; supervision of charitable trusts and solicitations; enforcement of state and federal antitrust laws in Oregon; assistance to the state’s district attorneys; administration of the state crime victims’ compensation program; investigations of organized crime and public corruption; and the establishment and enforcement of child support obligations for families who receive public assistance.

The term of office for attorney general is four years.

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