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Global Pet Finder: GPS pet collar

dog collar

We see a lot of pet gadgets come across our desk and most of the time all we can do is shake our heads and ask 'when does the pet-love just go too far?' Pet owners have been chipping their pets for years so that they can locate runaway Rovers turning tricks in the next town, but concerned animal lovers say that the chipping system is outdated and the domestic chips are incompatible with international standards so you're screwed if you lose kitty on a trip abroad. That's why the company GPS Tracks created the Global Pet Finder, which is a GPS collar that automatically sends escape alerts to the pet owner's cellphone when it's left a designated area, like your backward. We're hoping the next series gets a sleeping dart function, so when poochy is running all over the place you can just press # on your cellphone and send him into a nice long nap.    

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