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Audio Animatronics Show


Uniqueness of the audio-animatronics technique?

The term audio-animatronics is a confluence of three words - audio, animation and electronics. This sophisticated technology has been in use for the last 15 years. It is utilized brilliantly in many popular exhibitions throughout the world.

Many museums and exhibition halls around the world have adopted conventional mechanized automation techniques to display lifelike figures that move and speak. But unlike these methods, where the robotics movements are often jerky and unimpressive, the audio-animatronics approach is much more refined and sophisticated. The movements are more intricate and fully synchronized with the aid of computer electronics. The various types of movements including that of lips, eyelids, fingers, arms, hands and body synchronize perfectly with light and sound to give an animated effect almost true to life. This is a splendor of audio-animatronics system.

This one in Akshardham is so detailed that the lip movements correspond exactly with sounds of any three languages - Hindi, Gujarati and English. This is the only hi-tech presentation in the world that gives a message of everlasting happiness based on spiritual truth.

  First time ever in India:
An Audio-animatronics Presentation of
an assembly in the time of Lord Swaminarayan
Audio Animatronics Show
It takes you 200 years back in time. Here people have an opportunity to experience an event that occurred 200 years ago through the aid off ultramodern audio-animatronics technique. Come, let us witness the event as it was then…
Lord Swaminarayan is seated under a large tree, for a spiritual discussion, on the outskirts of a village. On his right are Aksharbrahman Gunatitanand Swami and other saints. Seated on the left are Acharya Ayodhyaprasadji, Acharya Raghuvirji and other prominent devotees.
Audio Animatronics Show
Audio Animatronics Show The Lord, with a rose in hand, gracefully moves his arm up to cherish the fragrance of the flower, and beckons Brahmanand Swami to sing a devotional song.
The saint responds by gently plucking his stringed instrument. The other saints, Premanad Swami and Muktanand swami also prepare their musical instruments to accompany Brahmanand Swami. Audio Animatronics Show
Audio Animatronics Show An 'alap' from the deep soothing voice of Brahmanand Swami captivates the audience. They watch and listen with great wonder as the robotics figures are almost brought to life by a sophisticated technology.
Then, the Lord looks towards the householder devotees and signals one of them to ask a spiritual question. The dialogue between the Lord and the devotee sheds light on everlasting happiness. Towards the end, one of the saints plays a piece of music and the curtains close. Audio Animatronics Show
The audio animatronics presentation takes people back to an event 200 years ago and brings them back to the present within a few minutes.
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