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October 18, 2008

Leach explains final touchdown against Aggies

COLLEGE STATION -- Some might have perceived it as running up the score, but Texas Tech coach Mike Leach didn't see it that way.

The Red Raiders scored a touchdown on Graham Harrell's 1-yard run with 20 seconds remaining to hand Tech a 43-25 victory.

Leach said the Red Raiders scored because he wanted to reward running backs Baron Batch and Shannon Woods for their hard work on the drive. Woods nearly scored on the play before, and Leach joked afterward that Harrell wound up taking away the touchdown from his running backs.

"I thought he scored," Leach said of Woods' effort. "I felt he deserved it. Shannon has worked really hard to be a running back and score touchdowns. My only disappointment is Graham snatched it away from him."
Said a smiling Harrell of whether who scored really mattered to Leach, "Aw, he doesn't care. He's just messing with you, man."


Aggies whining about someone running up the score? ….. and Tech only won by two score?

Ironic and hypocritical to anyone who remembers the Jackie Sherrill days at TAMU.

Posted by: Ed B at October 19, 2008 04:28 PM

Yeah, it was a classless move, but what else can you expect from tceh which isn't even a university, is it? Bye bye accreditation... Your degree from there will mean nothing (just as it already does when all of your alumns go on to deliver pizza LMAO).

As for Leach, what a classless idiot. He's never done anything as a coach, and never will. tceh's best year was like a 9 win season where they lost in their own backyard.

Posted by: Ag2009 at October 19, 2008 02:43 AM

Hey Red Raiders. Remember that what goes 'round, comes 'round. A couple of years from now when we are in a position to stick it to you, we will not forget that classless final play! But hey, y'all are from Lubbock!
Go Ags!

Posted by: gulfbrat at October 18, 2008 09:23 PM

poooooor aggy!

Posted by: bigbcs at October 18, 2008 04:35 PM

I figured the motive was to give the kicker some more game-time work on the PAT (he had 2 blocked). Regardless of the motive,and as much as I love it when Tech beats A&M, I still wish he hadn't decided to run it in.

test this is only a test

Posted by: TTU_1996 at October 18, 2008 04:34 PM

hahaha, ok Leach.

Posted by: ChrisAg at October 18, 2008 04:30 PM

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