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  • 11:05 26 Oct 2008

History of the Embassy

Introduction by Dr David Landsman OBE (British Ambassador to Albania 2001-2003) to an official history of the British diplomatic presence in Albania by Foreign Office Research Analyst Joanna Hanson, published 10 October 2002:

Joanna Hanson’s fascinating Full history of the British Presence in Albania tells of British diplomats, struggling with the practicalities of their office and residential accommodation, working hard to persuade their masters in London of their needs, while always convinced of the importance of maintaining a mission in Albania. It is fitting that this story of diplomatic ups and downs should be published at a time when the future of the British presence appears more secure than at any time since the start in 1921.
No one in London would now doubt the need for Britain to be present in Albania. The relationship between the two countries – political, economic, military, cultural – has arguably never been more substantial. And the commitment of both countries to ensure that Albania and her neighbours come to play their full part in the European family means that the relationship is likely to grow yet stronger.
David Landsman OBE, Tirana October 2002

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