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Technology Licensing

Previously referred to as the "DOOM 3 Engine", id Tech 4 is our current technology licensing platform. Used by such titles as DOOM 3, QUAKE 4, Prey and Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars, as well as the next Wolfenstein title, id Tech 4 revolutionized the use of real-time dynamic lighting, while the new MegaTexture code offers previously unprecedented terrain detail.

Each license includes full source and tools for DOOM 3, QUAKE 4 and Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars (beta). The final version of Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars and the next Wolfenstein game code will be provided upon completion. Platforms supported by id Tech 4 include, at minimum, PC, Mac, Xbox 360 and PS3.

The id technology team doesn't consist of loosely-organized coding hands that are focused on cranking out lines of code without regard to results, but real Game Industry veterans. You also don't have to worry about whether a "promised" feature or fix will actually be implemented, because we show you exactly what you are licensing. And we can offer you real-world advice on what works and what doesn't work for commercial games using the engine, because we use the features we implement ourselves.

If your title requires the best technology available, id Tech 4 is what you're looking for. You absolutely will not find a more elegantly coded technology solution. For a single title license (see Licensing Options for multi-title), we charge a $250,000 guarantee against a 5% royalty of the wholesale price for the title (less Cost of Goods Sold and certain other allowable deductions). This includes all platforms on which you may release your title. To get started, contact us and we will send you an evaluation SDK.


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