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Gold Trimmed Dress w/ Bloomer

Materials Needed:

Size E Crochet Hook

2oz. 4 Ply Yarn Petal Pink [Bernat] Gold


With Petal Pink yarn starting at the upper edge - ch 11 join to form a circle ch 3.

R1: * 2 Dcs in the next st dc in the next st * - repeat around in the remaining sts join ch 3. (16) sts

R2: Working in the front loops only dc in @ st around join ch 3.

R3: * Turn sl st through the 2nd ch from hook - [Picot st made] sc in the next st ch 2 * - repeat around join finish off yarn.

R4: Bloomers - Working in the unused back loops of R1 join yarn with a ch 3 dc in the next 7 sts - skipping the remaining 8 sts join to the beginning ch with a sl st [1st Leg formed] turn sl st in the 1st unused st of the same row - ch 2 sc in the remaining 7 unused loops join to the second beginning ch finish off yarn. (8) + (8) sts



Join Gold yarn to the upper center back st with a ch 2 sc in the next st ch 4 skipping the next 2 sts sc in the next 3 sts ch 4 skipping the next 2 sts sc in the remaining 2 sts join finish off yarn. (15) sts




Copyright ã 2000-2006 Shirley Jean Wright