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Material:  Sport weight yarn that will knit up at approximately 7 sts and 10 rows per inch.

Tension 6 to 8.

Cast on 140 sts. using contrast waste yarn.  Knit several rows; then knit 1 row with a ravel cord from right to left.

*With main yarn, knit 1 row to the right side, then begin the short rows (without wrapping - the holes are part of the design).  On the left side put into HP 137 needles and knit 2 rows over the 3 needles that are left in working position.  After row 3, then on every other row, bring 3 needles back into working position 11 times  (36 N in WP).  Now bring 2 needles back into working position EOR 52 times, ending with the carriage on the left.*

Repeat from * to * 9 more times (total 10 sections); then remove on scrap yarn.

Kitchener stitch the last row of main yarn to the first row, and remove waste yarn.  With a tapestry needle  and main yarn,  do a running stitch around the center hole and draw it closed.  Pin into a circle and block.  Crochet around the edge or use the worm edging.


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