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Neil's Favorite Socks


Size to fit someone who wears size 11-12 shoes.

Require about 3 ounces of Trenzado.

 Gauge:  8 sts, 10 rows = 1 inch


Cuff:  At Tension 1, SL II, cast on 69 stitches for 1x1 ribbing.  After casting on, change to Tension 2 and knit 36 rows.  Transfer stitches to main bed and increase 1 stitch.  Knit 1 row plain.

 Remove half of stitches on garter bar or scrap, and rehang them on ribber needles.  I prefer to move the left half, so the row counter will be tripped when moving the carriage.  Hang one large weight on the main bed stitches, and one on the ribber stitches, using triangular weight hangers.

 Leg:  T 6/6.  RC 000.  Knit circular for 84 rounds (RC 168).  Drop ribber one notch, and switch to main sinker plate.

 Heel:  T 5  On main bed stitches, put one needle in holding position on carriage side every row until 11 stitches remain in middle.  Wrap first needle in HP this one time only, and push one needle to D position (upper knitting position) opposite the carriage every row until all are back in working position.  A good way to control the stitches while short-rowing is to hook the claw-type weight hangers in the back of the heel stitches and hold them down with your fingers.

 Foot:  T 6.  Raise the ribber, and hang one stitch from the row below on the ribber onto the end needles on the main bed.  This prevents a hole at the side of the heel.  Knit circular for 70 rounds (RC 140).

 Toe:  T 5.  Short row down to 11 stitches and back out, as on heel.  After heel is complete, raise ribber and knit about 8 to 10 rounds of scrap yarn.

 Kitchener stitch the toe seam together and sew a flat seam on the ribbing.

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