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• We need to protect the environment. Fuel economy standards must be raised for both cars and trucks. We need to institute a carbon tax. We need to subsidize bus and train mass transportation. We need to build no new airports or highways. We need to increase subsidies for solar and wind power. We must not build any new nuclear power plants until we deal with the nuclear waste problem. No new coal power plants should be built and existing coal plants must be retrofitted with the most efficient pollution equipment possible. We need to subside the retro fitting of all existing buildings to make them as energy efficient as possible.

• Our powerful military makes us a threat to other countries. We need to increase our national security by reducing our military spending and bringing our troops home. We need to stop subsidizing Israel’s military so they will be more likely to seriously engage in peace talks with the Palestinians. We need to reduce the number of our nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction.

We need to invest in our people by providing educational opportunities. We know the better educated a person is the more they earn, but many children don’t see this connection. We could make the connection clear by paying students. For example, a high school student might be paid $3 per day for attending school and a $50 bonus for each quarter they make progress, and a college students could earn $15 per week for each credit hour they are taking and free tuition for each class they complete.

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