Why Choose Blackbird?
Some security consultants proudly flaunt their clients, hoping a prestigious client list will impress potential customers.

This may give them a marketing edge. But, if you were their clients, would you want your security efforts broadcast for the world to see? The very nature of the security business necessitates confidentiality. The more that would-be attackers can learn about an organization’s security weaknesses and the protective measures it has undertaken, the better the attackers’ chance of success. Additionally, public disclosure of security problems can wreak havoc with an organization’s image, damaging important business assets such as public confidence, relationships with business partners, shareholder relations, and employee morale.

At Blackbird, we take these dangers seriously. We disclose few of our client relationships, preferring to let our clients decide to whom they’ll release information about their security efforts, when they’ll release this information, and exactly what details they’ll divulge.

We maintain strict non-disclosure agreements with most of our commercial customers, and don’t acknowledge to anyone the fact that we assist these organizations. That we don’t discuss our classified government work goes without saying. Disclosure of other projects is determined on a case-by-case basis, in accordance with each project’s unique attributes and any agreements we’ve reached with the organization being supported.

We believe this policy offers an important benefit to our clients. But it also offers potential customers a challenge: If we can’t tell you about all of our work, how can you verify that we’re everything we claim to be?
You can start by checking the List of Clients that we do openly disclose. All the organizations in this category are government entities that will publicly acknowledge the projects we support. They also have several other attributes in common:
Their resources and prestige enable them to hire the most expert, insightful security support available.
They are in a position to thoroughly research any security consultants that they are considering, prior to engaging the consultants’ services.
They have selected Blackbird Technologies to meet their security support needs.

Next, look over the information that we’ve provided on our web site.

Then, if you’d like additional information about our projects or recommendations from existing clients, call and talk to us about it. We can connect you with commercial and government clients that have agreed to discuss certain aspects of our work for them. Referrals from satisfied customers are one of our primary sources of new business.

We’ll also be happy to share information about projects in your areas of interest—if we can do so without disregarding government security regulations, breaching our non-disclosure agreements, or compromising the best security interests of our clients.