Providing students with a good education

As someone who grew up in a blue-collar family, attended public schools and worked my way through college, I know first-hand the value of a good public education.  Furthermore, I believe that every student with the desire and ability to continue their education should have the opportunity to go to college.  I attended public schools and worked my own way through college.  In Congress, I have worked to make higher education more affordable for working families.

  • Higher Education - The spiraling cost of college has saddled graduates with enormous debt and discouraged others from going to college at all. I have worked to help students regardless of their backgrounds, go to college and improve their lives.  Specifically, I helped pass legislation signed by the president to cut excessive federal subsidies to student loan lenders and invest the savings in student aid to make college more affordable to qualified students.  The bill also increased federal Pell Grants and cut interest rates on need-based student loans in half.
  • Local Control - I support local control of education.  I think local school boards working with administrators, teachers, and parents should be allowed to make decisions regarding education.  Nevertheless, I also think local schools need to be held accountable for results in return for federal funding.
  • Vouchers - Low and middle income children should not be trapped in public schools that don’t provide an opportunity to learn.  I support federal funding for private school vouchers to give low and middle income kids an opportunity to receive a quality education in a safe environment.
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