Iraq and Afghanistan

Winning the War in Iraq and Afghanistan

Failure in Iraq and Afghanistan would add to instability in the Middle East and make America less safe. We need to work with other nations to stabilize the region.

  • Visiting Iraq and Afghanistan - I had the opportunity in April of 2007 to spend eight days visiting Iraq and Afghanistan where I was able to meet with soldiers and commanders and tour operations. The troops are highly trained professionals who told me time and again that they wanted the opportunity to win.  I also met with General David Patreaus, the commander of U.S. troops in Iraq and found him to be a thoughtful leader and our best chance to bring stability to the region and allow a lawful government to take hold.
  • Iraq - I supported the surge to give our troops one last chance to restore order in Iraq.  I also voted to fully fund the troops in harms way and give them the resources necessary to succeed in their mission. As we move forward, I want to continue reducing troops – responsibly, safely, and honorably, while helping the Iraqi people to take control of their own country.  Finally, I firmly believe that Iraq should use its oil revenues to pay a larger share of the cost of the war.
  • Afghanistan - In Afghanistan, what was once a safe haven for al-Qaida and the Taliban is now a young democracy.  But security there has recently deteriorated and our enemies are on the offensive.  The United States needs to continue to provide critical support along with NATO and other international partners to help Afghanistan improve security so democracy can take hold and a civil society can move forward.
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