Creator: Yukiru Sugisaki
Translation: Alethea Nibley and Athena Nibley
Publisher: TokyoPop
Age Rating: Teen
Genres: Comedy, Romance
RRP: $9.99
RizelMine v1
Reviewed by Craig Johnson

"The government has been conducting experiments to genetically engineer a human. Its first creation is a girl named Rizel, and the experiment is a success - sort of. While healthy and cheerful, 12-year-old Rizel also possesses the uncanny need for love to further her development. Saddened by this emptiness in her life, she sheds tears that can end up destroying a city block. So what's a girl to do...except get married! Enter Iwaki Tomonori, your average 15-year-old boy. His world is turned upside-down the day he arrives home to find that the government has just announced that he's a married man!"

The Good:
Hugely entertaining, funny in places, and with a great last chapter revelation that sets up future books by turning virtually everything on its head. Rizel is a cute kid, but why is she so obsessed with 14-year-old Tomonori? Unusally for this sort of book, we actually find out. The closing scene shows us important and logical character growth, very good work.

The Bad:
Artistically, there are a few confusing scenes and character misidentifications, not really the done thing in such a clarity-driven medium. Fortunately, these aren't too numerous, nor do they disturb the flow more than minutely - one can forgive the failed date sequence as the rest of the book is so charming.

The Ugly:
The worst thing about this book is that it just want to get cracking on book two the second you finish it.

The Verdict:
Excellent book even out of recommended age range, great fun.

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29 October 2008
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