Trustee Board
Simon McKeon Chairman

Simon McKeon is an Executive Director of Macquarie Bank. He is President of the Australian Takeovers Panel, is on the University of Melbourne Law School’s Post Graduate Advisory Board and has also served on a number of boards of the other educational bodies. He is Chair of MS Research Australia and on the Boards of World Vision Australia and World Vision International’s micro enterprise development entity, Vision Fund. He also serves as Club Captain of McCrae Yacht Club.

Simon maintains a strong interest in the non for profit sector and working towards generating positive outcomes for this sector by creating effective partnerships between government, business and the general community.

  Dr Ursula de Jong

Dr Ursula de Jong is Senior Lecturer in art and architectural history in the School of Architecture and building at Deakin University, Geelong, Victoria, Australia. She teaches in medieval and nineteenth and twentieth centuries studies.

She is a scholar of the Gothic Revival, having written her dissertation on the nineteenth century architect William Wardell. She is currently writing the guidebook to St Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne, one of Wardell’s finest buildings. A second broad area of interest and research is the study of landscape and the meaning of place in urban and non-urban contexts: Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula forming the focus of research and writing to date.

Ursula is a founding member of SAHANZ, the Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand; is a member of Australia ICOMOS, the International Council on Monuments and Sites. She is a member of the Community Reference Group, Portsea Defence Site, Mornington Peninsula (2002), and is co author of the Community Draft Master Plan for Point Nepean.

She is currently a trustee on the Federal Government Point Nepean Community Trust (PNCT), representing the local community; and a member of the State Government Point Nepean Advisory Committee (PNAC).  

  Carolyn Briggs
(Victorian Boonerwrung Elders Land Council Aboriginal Corporation)

Carolyn Briggs is the authorised Elder of the Boonerwrung Elders Land Council Aboriginal Corporation, holds a Bachelor of Social Science and works closely with her own and other Aboriginal communities. Her achievements in this field are many and include establishing Australia’s first Aboriginal childcare centre and being Steering Convenor of the South Eastern Lands Council.

As a youth and welfare officer Carolyn has worked on Community Development for the State of Victoria and developed employment strategies for indigenous employment in the State Government sector (a Department of Premiers & Cabinet appointment).

She is a former director of La Trobe University’s Aboriginal Tertiary Support Unit, Bendigo and in Bendigo also set up the Djawurrung Cultural Community Centre. Carolyn has served as a mediator with the Equal Opportunities Commission and was seconded to work with the Federal Attorney-General as head researcher for Victoria on the Muirhead recommendations to the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Deaths in Custody. Currently Caroline works as a restaurateur and land management consultant.

  Geoff Bailey

Geoff Bailey has been the Executive Director of the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust since August 1999, an organization he was responsible for establishing and building. It currently employs 45 staff plus a dozen tour guides and teacher guides and 50 volunteers. The Trust has the task of planning, conserving, managing and opening to the public seven unique sites around Sydney Harbour which embody a range of complex issues, in particular high levels of contamination.

Prior to working for the Trust Geoff was an Associate Director of Allen Jack and Cottier, Architects, and prior positions include 9 years in The Rocks in Sydney responsible for all heritage and conservation and planning matters.

Geoff is currently a Board Member of the National Trust of Australia (NSW) and holds a degree in Architecture from the University of New South Wales and has worked for over 20 years in a variety of roles in planning and architecture, dealing primarily with sensitive heritage sites.

    David Stewart

Member Community Reference Group and Planning Reference Group responsible for composing the Master Plan for Point Nepean. President, Nepean Ratepayers Association. Chair, Family group companies in security industry.

David is a Board Member for Communities That Care and has a long interest and involvement in community activities including education, training and welfare, he is also a long term director and National President of Australasian professional association.

    Bruce Leaver

Bruce Leaver is the first assistant Secretary, Parks Australia Division in the Commonwealth Department of the Environment and Heritage. He has gained extensive experience of environmental and conservation issues working for relevant departments in NSW, South Australia and Tasmania and from 1999 to 2004 was executive director of the Australian Heritage Commission.

Overseas Bruce has consulted to the IUCN, FAO and the World Bank on a range of environmental, heritage and ecotourism related missions in the Pacific, PNG, South East Asia and East Africa, and is a member of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee.

In addition to his appointment as a PNCT Trustee in January 2205, Bruce is convenor of the Alps Liaison Committee and a member of the Great Barrier Reef Conservation Management Advisory Committee, the Interdepartmental Committee on Tourism, Conservation and Heritage and the ACT Bushfire Council.


Andrew Sutherland

Andrew Sutherland was appointed as a PNCT Trustee in April 2008 as the representative of the Australian Heritage Council. Andrew has had over 20 years experience in the public sector dealing with property-related matters on behalf of the Victorian Government. He has worked primarily for the Departments of Justice and Treasury & Finance and most recently with the Victorian Office of Public Prosecutions.

Andrew’s work for the State Government has covered strategic planning and delivery of building projects such as the Melbourne County Court, the Melbourne Children’s Court, the Victoria State Emergency Services headquarters and the consolidation of the Departments of Justice and Industry & Innovation into the new Southern Cross building.

Andrew also developed and managed the Department of Justice environmental management program which saw both the technological upgrade of numerous historic courts and prisons and construction of ‘green’ buildings.

mark stone    Mark Stone 

Mark was appointed Chief Executive of Parks Victoria in 1998.

Parks Victoria is the park management agency responsible for 4 million hectares of the State’s environmental, recreational and tourism assets.  These assets total over $1 billion and cover 17% of the total area of Victoria with over 70 million visitors per year to its locations.

Mark has a wealth of natural resource and business management experience, having held senior positions in four natural resource management agencies and worked in many Victorian regional and metropolitan locations. Mark was Executive Director, Parks Flora and Fauna with the Department of Natural Resources and Environment from June 1996 to his current position

Mark is currently the Director of National Parks in Victoria; an Australia Day Ambassador; Chairman of Variety the children’s charity; and a Board member of the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Day Council.

Previous appointments include:  Board member - Alpine Resorts Commission; Victorian Coastal Council; Chairman Phillip Island Nature Park.

  Nina Cullen is Director of Public Land Policy at the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment. She has a history of developing environmental reform legislation, creating sustainable strategies, negotiating conservation land purchases, and providing advice on the appropriate use of public land. Nina has worked in government for approximately 10 years at both Federal and State level. 
The Point Nepean Community Trust Board trustees include two elected members of the Community Reference Group (Dr Ursula de Jong and Mr David Stewart) and representatives of the Australian Government, Australian Heritage Council and The Victorian Boonerwrung Elders Land Council Aboriginal Corporation.
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