Reasons why to vote NO on Proposition 6:


Prop 6 proposes one billion dollars each year in spending with no revenues to pay for it - forcing cuts in healthcare, schools, fire protection and other vital programs.


Proposition 6 doesn’t put one more cop on the street. Instead, it guarantees billions of taxpayer dollars to unproven programs with no accountability.


Prop 6 ignores and disrupts the progress of current effective crime prevention efforts of the Governor and State Legislature.


Prop. 6 is focused on the wrong priorities. It could take money away from schools and public safety and spend it instead on probation departments and prisons.


Prop. 6 would change existing law so more children as young as 14 years old will be tried as adults and relegated to the criminal justice system.

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No on Proposition 6 & 9 Announces Launch Of Statewide Radio Advertisements

The No on Prop 6 campaign announces the launch of two 30-second radio ads urging Californians to Vote No on Proposition 6 & 9. The ads remind voters that a yes vote for 6 & 9 would "make taxpayers spend billions of dollars on misguided priorities during the worst economic crisis ever." These ads began running on Tuesday, October 14 in media markets across the state.

To hear both ads in their entirety, click here.

Ballot-box budgeting: Vote NO on Props 6 and 9

October 9, 2008
New York Times

The last thing California residents need at this point are new policies that land even more people behind bars and drive up prison spending further. But November's ballot in California, the birthplace of irresponsible government by referendum, includes two costly initiatives that would do just that.

California voters need to reject Propositions 6 and 9.

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