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The man who hath no music in himself...  
Let no such man be trusted.
William Shakespeare


  Historical Holyoke Carousel 
Location Holyoke, Massachusetts

Located at the Heritage State Park 
As one of less than 60 remaining full size wooden carousels this classic 1929 Philidelphia Toboggan Company Carousel #80. This represents the lost folk art of hand carved wooden horses. This magnificent hand carved carousel has 48 magestic steeds, 2 spectacular chariots, artisan band organ and over 800 brilliant lights. It is housed in a beautiful new building in the Heritage State Park. It is open year-round.

Merry-Go-Round "Carousel" comes from the Italian carosello, "little war,"
an ancient horsemanship game. About 80 percent of U.S. carousel figures were horses.
From the pages of  The Merry Go Round Broke Down.  Read more on this site.


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Medley of Merry Go Round Melodies (c) 

  You Tell Me Your Dream, I'll Tell You Mine  

  Sunshine Waltz  

Let's Take An Old Fashioned Walk   (c)

Sing Again That Sweet Refrain  (c) 

In Good The Old Summertime

Let Me Call You Sweetheart 

  Waltz Magnefique   (c)

Carousel Polka

Merry Go Round  

  I Love Holland 

Beer Barrel Polka 

Dance of Joy  

Blaze Away

The old calliope is simualted in the next song.

The Old Calliope (c) Gene Hayek


  Dr. James Pitt-Payne
   Entrance of The Big Brass Band  


THE BATTLE of the Band Organ Pin Wiz


I Ride Old Paint

The Age Of Gold

Carousel Rag Stomp - J. Goettler 

The Carousel Ride   Michael Sirotta  Home Page

(impression of taking a ride on a  Carousel )

Carni Band Organ  Calliope 
Circus Ride   Band Organ# 1  The Band Played On
Carousel Plunk Band Organ Tune #5 Old Paint  
Carousel Underscore

Carousel Captain

Over The Waves  

Carousel Skater's Waltz 
Grandpa Frank Schober

Carousel Mignon
Sleeping Beauty Waltz 

Vienna Life Johann Strauss  

Ragtime Carousel Scott Joplin

    The Clown  C/R 1997  Anthony Lombardis

   Kortenhof  Nepperus Waltz Jan Kees de Ruijter.

Nikolay Pautov & Ander Bakke   

Composed specifically for MIDI GO ROUND 

  Utrenniye Rose   

You might find this MIDI elsewhere BUT you first heard it on  MIDI GO ROUND BAND ORGAN

Brass Ring Polka  Andy Bakke March of The Wooden Soldiers   Andy Bakke
Band Organ  Andy Bakke Carousel Waltz Andy Bakke  
The Drinking Song   Jeff Karline
This is not a merry go round tune per se but it surely reminds me of them.
  Music By:   Sigmund Romberg 1925

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   Melvyn Wright  

National Emblem March

Thunderer March (Sousa)

If You Knew Suzie


Posted with written permission.

Do not use with out Mr Wright's permission.
Songs are copyrighted


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By The Light Of The Silvery Moon
Silver Moon

Thanks to **Willem and Jannie **

Authentic Merry Go Round Melody!

  A Parrot  Stephen Kent Goodman 
Not for distribution for profit

Written permission /valid authorization from

Stephen Kent Goodman to use his midi.
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Art St.Germaine

 CircusCarousel   Art St.Germaine (c)

     Carousel Pony  Art St.Germaine   (c)      

  Merry Go Round   Art St.Germaine (c)
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 ( NEW  )  YAHOO Carousel Music  ( NEW )

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Battle of The Band OrganTHE PIN WIZ



Phil Townley's midi originals jukebox

The Krystal Pony Carousel Information Booth

Midway of Links - Award Winners

So You Think Carousels Are Just For Kids?

WRONG! Go see!

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  Street Organ from Amsterdam

Band Organ Emulations and International Midis

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Kiddie Karousel 


Personal LeJardin d'Amour  Poetry

Little Ponies On the Hill

Encore - meet the music makers

My Bio w/Photos


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Hi  !

The first time I saw  (and heard )  " MUSICAL MECHANICAL INSTRUMENTs  "   

  was in  Bruchsal (Germany) castel, the second time was in Utrecht -"band organ museum "  ,

 in those cases I was amazing from the beauity and the great sound they made .  

 Taking into consideration that these marvellous instruments were built with technology of 100 years ago...

I bought some  records, tapes, cd's  but actually I didn't use them because  

 their sound was a poor fake , they did'nt reflect the original !!

 My deep  "Dipression" increase as I know  the fact  that in my country (ISRAEL)  

there is not even one single bandorgan to listen!

Till...   (Now- I come to the point )  I  find your BONBON site , 

As soon as  I understand the big potential in your midi's site, 

 I bought a good sound-card +  HI-FI speakers system for my P.C  ...

the results are         GREAT !!! 
The band organ  midi's  sound   EXACTLY  as I heard in holland !
THANK YOU ,     Your site made me very happy !
Yours         Alon


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