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  1. Original 80 column data | format description
  2. Easy-to-read version | format description
  3. Excel spreadsheet derived from HURDAT
  4. HURDAT Meta-Data (information about HURDAT changes)
  5. Raw Tropical Storm/Hurricane Observations (1851-1920)
  6. Historical Weather Maps (1911-1920)
  7. U.S. Tropical Storms (1851-1920)
  8. U.S. Hurricanes
    1. All U.S. Hurricanes (1851-2007)
    2. U.S. Hurricanes Detailed Description (1851-1920)
    3. Changes to U.S. Hurricanes (1899 to 1920)
    4. Most Intense (Category 3, 4, 5) U.S. Hurricanes (1851-1920)
    5. County By County hurricane strikes(1900-2007 : [Updated from Jarrell et al. 1992] )
  9. Comments by NHC Best Track Change Committee
  10. Track Maps
  11. Data by Year
  12. Comparison of Original versus Revised HURDAT
  13. Northeast Pacific Data
    1. Original 80 column data | format description
    2. HURDAT Meta_Data (information about HURDAT changes
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