and Assault Arms



Basic Characteristics
Firing range, m 1005500
Missile caliber, mm 152
Control system semiautomatic
laser-beam riding
Warheads tandem HEAT or fuel-air explosive
Penetration capability of HEAT warhead, mm 1000-1200
HE warhead TNT equivalent, kg 10
Launcher reloading time, s 30

Engagement of existing and future combat tanks protected by explosive reactive armor, fortifications (pillboxes, ferroconcrete bunkers), soft-skinned and light armored targets, hovering helicopters.


  • guided missiles with tandem HEAT and fuel-air explosive warheads;
  • launchers: portable and four-missile version installed on light carriers;
  • thermal sight;
  • maintenance facilities;
  • training aids.


When designing the third-generation transportable/portable ATGM system of long range, particular attention has been taken to combat operation in adverse weather as well as in active and passive optical countermeasures environment.

This demand must be met through the rational choice of the control system which would allow the operators to not only see various targets in any conditions of operation but also ensure high jamming immunity.

A high level of system's jamming immunity can be achieved through the use of the TV orientation of a missile within a laser beam by means of its onboard laser receiver directed to the firing system.

Advantages and application features:

  • it is a multipurpose missile which can engage any targets at stand-off ranges;
  • it can be fired from prone, kneeling, foxhole standing position either organized or hastily organized positions;
  • day/night engagement of any targets;
  • the laser beam encoding makes it possible to engage two close targets from two launchers by simultaneous cross and parallel firing;
  • it provides full protection against the radiation produced by optical jamming stations;
  • it is possible to install this system on the variety of wheeled and tracked carriers;
  • simultaneous firing by two missiles from one automated launcher at one target increases the hit probability and provides jamming immunity;
  • a laser-beam riding missile allows to fire on the move if the line of sight is stable;
  • guided missiles do not require maintenance in service and at storage.


Training aids include field and classroom computer trainers.

Maintenance facilities are intended to keep the launcher and thermal sight serviceable.

This Kornet-E ATGM system is a powerful defense — assault weapon of motorized infantry units of land forces, a commander's strategical reserve since it helps to accomplish combat missions when out of direct fire contact with hostile troops.