Publisher: Activision Inc.

Developer: Radical Entertainment

Category: Action

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N Amer - 10/07/2008

Intl - 10/31/2008

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Crash: Mind over Mutant Review

Radical Entertainment, the developer of The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and Crash of the Titans, returns back to the Crash Bandicoot franchise with Crash: Mind Over Mutant. If you’ve lost count, this happens to be the 15th installment in the Crash series and seemingly has gained some of its lost luster. Mind Over Mutant takes over where Crash of the Titans left off as it’s a true sequel to its predecessor.

Dr. Neo Cortex and Dr. Nitrus Brio are back as the antagonists as they run amok as they attempt to ruin Crash’s life by taking control over people through a device that’s similar to a cellular phone. Of course Crash is the only one not harmed by the device, so it’s up to him to stop their devious plans and you should know the rest if you’ve played a Crash  game previously. What may surprise everyone is the strong storytelling job Radical Entertainment accomplished. There are many different storytelling methods that were attempted such as South Park animation and Japanese animation similar to Dragon Ball for the cut scenes. Every time it changes, the game becomes even more interesting. The storyline is a lot more exciting than you’ll ever expect since its humorous and there are moments you’ll find yourself chuckling without ever knowing it.


If you’ve played Crash of the Titans, you’ll know exactly how the gameplay is. Players are able to jack into the Titans who lived in their own sects until Cortex returns and makes things all chaotic again. The platforming aspects aren’t the most in-depth you’ll experience, but for what it’s worth, they get the job done introducing gamers to the Crash franchise if this is in fact their first go-around. Altered from the previous game, players can now store and upgrade mutants for future use. There are a dozen or so mutants to take control of, each coming with their own strengths and weaknesses such as telekinesis and super strength.

The game world is much more open to explore but this isn’t anything similar to Grand Theft Auto IV. You can run around, talk to different NPCs, switch costumes and other various activities, but you won’t be searching for quests to flip-flop through. It’s much more linear than meets the eye, though it’s quite enjoyable all the way through.

Other changes for Crash this time around include the ability to dig underneath obstacles that stand in your way and climb up and over walls. As for the rest of the controls, they aren’t too bad but don’t expect a revolution. Controlling Crash is done through the analog sticks and all the trademark moves are included – the spin attack, standard double jump, etc – so it’s nothing out of the ordinary.


What stops Mind Over Mutant from being a superb 3D platformer is the camera. The camera is fixed behind Crash the entire time and if you decide to turn around – which is more often than not due to backtracking – it’ll become overly aggravating. Not having the ability to move and alter the camera is a hassle and doesn’t help when jumping from platform to platform. Other than this issue, the combos are a cinch to perform and the rest of the gameplay is fine.

There’s also a cooperative mode included that lets players control as a second Crash, but it isn’t anything gratifying. Players should just focus on completing the title alone without having a second person as a distraction. If you push through and are having fun, you should be able to complete Mind Over Mutant around seven hours.


The graphics aren’t anything extraordinary, but if you were expecting next-gen graphics on the PS2, then you’d be considered delusional. There are semi-decent environments to travel through but they aren’t much better than they were in Crash of the Titans. The animations have improved although the load times haven’t. In the end, Mind Over Mutant isn’t going to win awards for best visuals.

Review Scoring Details for Crash: Mind over Mutant

Gameplay: 7.9
All the little improvements have created an entertaining platformer.

Graphics: 6.6
The animations are great while the load times are bad and the framerates suffer from slowdown. In other words, Mind Over Mutant is nothing short of mediocre. 

Sound: 7.0
Music gets repetitive at times, but the voice-acting is well executed.

Difficulty: Easy 

Concept: 6.2
The comedy alone should help you push through the entire game.

Multiplayer: 5.0
The cooperative mode is there but it’s recommended you avoid and play by yourself. 

Overall: 7.0
If you enjoyed Crash of the Titans, Crash: Mind Over Mutant is a slightly better game with improvements in critical areas such as controls, gameplay and storyline. Sadly, the camera almost ruins the whole package.   

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Crash: Mind over Mutant has its ups and downs for a rollercoaster ride of an adventure

Reviewer: Dakota Grabowski

Review Date: 10/30/2008

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