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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Welcome to X2MSA.org

Click here for X2 Introduction (PDF)
Click here for X2 Introduction (PDF)

"X2" is a new multi-source agreement (MSA) supported by eight (and growing) leading networking component suppliers listed in the "Membership Information" page (click tab above) of this web site.

X2 defines a smaller form-factor 10 Gb/s pluggable fiber optic transceiver optimized for 802.3ae Ethernet, ANSI/ITUT OC192/STM- 64 SONET/SDH interfaces, ITUT G.709, OIF OC192 VSR, INCITS/ANSI 10GFC (10 Gigabit Fibre Channel) and other 10 Gigabit applications.

X2 is initially focused on optical links to 10 kilometers and is ideally suited for Ethernet, Fibre Channel and telecom switches and standard PCI (peripheral component interconnect) based server and storage connections, where a "half size" XENPAK optical transceiver is desired.

X2 is physically smaller than XENPAK but maintains the mature electrical I/O specification defined by the XENPAK MSA and continues to provide robust thermal performance and electromagnetic shielding.

The X2 optical platform has been designed so that the heat sink and front bezel can be easily adapted to the different needs of the key 10 Gb markets. X2 can be mounted on the front panel, mid board, or in a conventional PCI card. X2's flexibility to address a wide range of high-bandwidth applications is expected to drive higher volumes on this one platform, thereby leading to lower optics costs.

Electrically, X2 is compatible with the XENPAK MSA. X2 uses the same Tyco Electronics-designed, 70-pin electrical connector as XENPAK supporting four wire XAUI (10-gigabit attachment unit interface). X2 also will support the OIF SFI4_P2 interfaces and serial electrical interfaces as they emerge.

The MSA and Operating guidelines will be published on the "MSA" page (click tab above) of this web site.

The MSA first draft is now available on the MSA page.

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