Rosa and Cynthia Accept Green Party Nomination at Chicago Presidential Nominating Convention

Rosa Clemente, then Cynthia McKinney offer their acceptance speeches at the Chicago Presidential Nominating Convention on July 12th 2008.


Welcome to the New Home for All Things Cynthia McKinney Online!
Use the tabs above to access her Congressional Office website, restored here from the archives made available at the end of her term, as well as her Congressional Campaign site, where she needs our help with a contribution or a purchase from her campaign store to retire the rest of her campaign debt. As the polls closed on the 2007 local elections, Cynthia has now made available her Presidential Campaign website. You may also send an email to Ms. McKinney using her TalkBack2008 form.

NPR's Talk of the Nation with Cynthia McKinney

16:45 minutes (7.67 MB)

Cynthia talks about building a Party and movement which will survive the close of the polls on NPR. Check it out here.

Candidate hopes voters ‘go green’

“The Green Party in the United States has taken their progressive stands on racial issues, gender issues, and value issues in support of people of color and in support of women,” McKinney said. “So, it’s a natural outflowing of the Green Party’s stated values that they would eventually have a ticket that was comprised of women of color, people of color. The more women run, the more women will win.

McKinney said her goal is to take at least 5 percent of the vote during the presidential elections in November.

She said her hope is that by taking the largest margin of victory the Green Party has ever taken at the federal level. will begin to add further legitimacy to the party’s goals and values.

Cynthia McKinney Speaks in Denver Colorado, before DNC

Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney speaks at the R-eCreate '68 rally outside the DNC on Sunday, August 24, 2008.

Some of All Parts: Run (historical moment)

Cynthia McKinney for President! Run Cynthia Run. Some of All Parts brings the message back to hip hop. Vote the Green Party 2008. This song features, Danny Velarde as producer and mixer, Los as co-producer and pianist, and 5 Fifths/Joe Truss as rapper/emcee. It also features Kenny as vocalist, and voice samples from Rosa Clemente and Cynthia McKinney.

From Cynthia McKinney: An Update and a Request

Cynthia begins her latest missive: "Hello all! I have just completed several wonderful tours this month, with Denver and Michigan to go!" and goes on to tell of her travels to Stockton California, across Ohio and Tennessee. She tells of new developments for her web presence, a new film, "Elephant in the Room" out soon (and excerpted below), and her upcoming September 7th appearance on CSPAN's "Road to the White House". Follow the link to read the entire message.

Grist: McKinney on the Record

Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney sums up her energy policy with a simple, memorable rhyme: "Leave the oil in the soil."

"Right now we've got two energy policies in this country," McKinney told Grist. "One is war, the other is drilling. And neither one of them works." It's a message she hopes will win over voters who have tired of both the Democratic and Republican parties.

Green Party Admits Soldiers Testing Positive to Depleted Uranium

On July 12, 2008, Green Party Presidential candidate, Cynthia McKinney acknowledged depleted Uranium, white phosphorus and cluster bombs in her acceptance speech. She said, "Those that delivered us into this mess can not be trusted to get us out of it."

McKinney addresses on her website that 'reports now surface that our soldiers are returning from Iraq and testing positive for depleted Uranium.' She sponsored legislation to end the use of all depleted Uranium weapons until their health effects are known. McKinney has reintroduced this bill in the 109th Congress.

McKinney made history when she became the first African American woman to represent Georgia in the United States House of Representatives. And as a member of the House Armed Services Committee, the Green Party nominee has passed legislation to extend health benefits for Vietnam War veterans still suffering the health effects from exposure to the defoliant Agent Orange.

Even still, the DU issue fails to be raised by either the Republican or Democratic Party, as well as the Bush Administration or DoD. Meanwhile, soldiers deployed to Iraq / Afghanistan are exposed to the invisible radiological airborne dust, that upon impact of the designated target extends its damage two-fold. The munitions second target, unknowingly, are the soldiers themselves, the after effects penetrating their mucous membranes and lungs. Essentially, those firing the munitions, and those in proximity of the blast are at risk. As a result an undisclosed population of those soldiers returning homebound -- are harboring aggressive cancers.

McKinney Blazes NC Trail With Incendiary Speech

. . .

McKinney was eager to discuss electoral politics in general. She pointed to Mexican presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who established a secondary government in Mexico City following his narrow defeat in 2006, as a model action compared to Al Gore’s and John Kerry’s concessions in 2000 and 2004.

She also cited the ascendancy of Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez and other leftist leaders in Latin America as evidence of the “power of the people” being heard at the voting booth.

“What’s the difference between us and that?” she asked. “The blue pill we’ve been asked to swallow.”

She blamed the mainstream media, in part, for distributing the pill, and for allegedly distorting events . . .

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