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Lifeguard Opportunity at Bayview Beach

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Looks like Han is sleeping solo tonight

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Dexter takes a cheap shot at Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney

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Mary & Dexter discuss the American flag

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Dexter & Marley go shopping for female hygiene products

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November 7, 2008
Yoga Flame...

Dexter Comics Episode 169
Tantra Versus Yoga
Some Like it Hot

Dexter Comics Episode 169

Marley has a limited attention span, and he finds himself stuck between his games and his girl... Of course Skye means well, but why does she always have to start talking when Marley's trying to earn another high score?
Dexter Comics Episode 169

Dhalsim From Street Fighter
Art by UdonCrew

View Larger Image

Dhalsim is my absolute favorite character from Street Fighter. The ability to teleport, torch people, and smack opponents with his stretchy limbs make him a solid, reliable combatant. When I saw this Dhalsim character concept by Udon Entertainment, I thought "yes!". This is exactly what Dhalsim should look like.

Street Fighter Artwork by Udon Crew
Street Fighter
Kick-ass artwork by UdonCrew

View Larger Image

If you're a Street Fighter fan, check out this group of artists who've created some amazing Street Fighter and Soul Calibur artwork. This stuff makes the Mona Lisa look like a kindergarten finger painting!

-DetErest, Webmaster of


November 4, 2008
Election Rejection...

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Fakes It
Excessive Smiling is NOT good for your health.

Am I the only one who's sick of politicians and their lame ass pasted-on smiles? When they're groveling for votes, they sport a grin as fake as Donald Trump's hair or Pamela Anderson's boobs. Did you see the lovely fake smile that Hillary Clinton was wearing when she accepted defeat and threw her support behind Barack Obama?

That's one of the reasons why I'm glad that Hillary didn't make the final cut. Rah democracy! Just because you've slept with a President doesn't mean you're qualified to BECOME President...

But with nothing but lies, deceit and phony promises, who can we really trust? On this election day, I'm reminded of one of my favorite all-time Simpsons' quotes...
Kang: "It does not matter which way you vote! Either way your planet is doomed! Doomed!"

-DetErest, Webmaster of

November 3, 2008
Desperate Times...

Dexter Comics Episode 168
Honesty is the Worst Policy
Don't believe everything you read...

Dexter Comics Episode 168

Struggling to understand the female mind, Pete has resorted to reading womens' magazines in hopes of solving the great mystery. (Good luck!) Dexter Comics Episode 168

-DetErest, Webmaster of


October 31, 2008
Friday The 31...

Dexter Comics Halloween Episode
Need a Hand With That?
Jason Loves His Work

Dexter Comics Halloween Episode

What happens when a big box store hires zombies to save on labor costs? Jason Voorhees is hired as a greeter, and all Hell breaks loose! Dexter Comics Halloween Episode.

At least the store has health and disability benefits for all employees... What? They don't??? And they pay them next to nothing to work there? WTF?!

-DetErest, Webmaster of

October 30, 2008
Devil's Food...

Hope you enjoy my Jack-O-Lanterns...
Now get the fuck off my lawn.

Halloween just doesn't seem as much fun as it used to be, so I carved a few pumpkins to try and get into the spirit for tomorrow night... I think the Skull & Crossbones is my favorite.

Some advice for trick-or-treaters; Only visit houses of people who are known to give out chips and chocolate bars. Avoid the bastards who peddle fruit and dental floss unless you plan on coming back later with a carton of eggs.

-DetErest, Webmaster of

October 29, 2008
Fireworks, Loud Music, and Burgers until 3AM!

Burger Pit
Burger Pit
Is it illegal to start a fire while trespassing?

If you're bored, check out a few photos and some ramblings about my Summer of 2008.

-DetErest, Webmaster of

October 27, 2008
Zack & Miri VS Marley & Skye

Dexter Comics Episode 166
Skye and Marley Make a Porno
We'll burn the tape after, right?

Dexter Comics Episode 166

Marley has been with Skye as long as he can remember. The two hippies are finally at a point in their relationship when Marley finally says those special, magical words that every girl wants to hear... "Lets Make a Porno!" Dexter Comics Episode 166

Zack and Miri Make a Porno is the latest Kevin Smith movie to hit the big screen, but I'm a cheapass who seldom pays to see a film in theater.

My favorite Kevin Smith works are probably Mallrats, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, and of course, the short-lived Clerks animated series that was canceled by the network.

I bet if the Clerks series were to launch now, ABC wouldn't kill it... That's as bad as when FOX canceledFamily Guy, only to revive it after the success of DVD sales. What do the guys in suits know about entertainment?

-DetErest, Webmaster of


October 17, 2008
Family Guy is Wholesome Edu-tainement!

I obviously haven't opened Garfield at Large since I was a kid, because I don't even remember half of these comics...
I recently saw the Family Guy episode "North by North Quahog". When the parents go off on vacation, Brian and Stewie are checking out Peter's rather limited book collection, finding only a couple of books including Garfield # 1: "Garfield at Large".

The book is even rectangular and red, just like the first book. Because Garfield was my favorite comic strip as a kid, I just had to dig out my old copy for shits and giggles. (Of course it's a reprinted version of the original book because I'm not that old, dammit)

These are actually from 1978 Garfield book.
(Posted for educational purposes, with no copyright infringement intended… Consider it free promo for the book "Garfield at Large". I instruct everyone to go out and buy it now!)
Stewie: "Garfield doesn't care for Nermal. But like him or not, Nermal is here to stay! Or is he? Let's read on." Being a former Garfield fanatic, I just had to find out if Nermal the kitten appeared in the first book, and I couldn't find him...

According to my half-assed Internet research, Nermal doesn't show up until book #4: Garfield Weighs In. I'm gonna see if I can grab a copy from my local Library. I'm way too cheap to actually buy it.

Vintage Garfield includes a few scenes where the cat is smoking, drinking, and experimenting with mind-altering cat drugs...
It's hard to believe that Garfield has been around for 30 years. It's also hard to believe that I've disappeared for two months, only to return with a bunch of nonsensical ramblings about Garfield and Family Guy. Weird.

-DetErest, Webmaster of

August 18, 2008
Politicians Are Not to be Trusted...

Dexter Comics Episode 165
Return of the Junkies
Hooked on Star Wars

Dexter Comics Episode 165

I haven't done a Star Wars comic in ages, but the premise for this episode has been around for a while...

Gathered around the television set, three wise-assed Jedi watch The Phantom Menace for the 20th time. Dexter Comics Episode 165

-DetErest, Webmaster of


August 15, 2008
Peace Pool...

Dexter Comics Episode 164
Swimming Lesson
Better Pack a Lunch

Dexter Comics Episode 164

Hippies tend to rise about lunchtime, which happens to be a great time to chill the pool. Skye joins Marley for an afternoon swim in Dexter Comics Episode 164.

-DetErest, Webmaster of


August 11, 2008
Olympic Mettle...

Summer Sizzle
Is it hot in here, or is it just them?

Girls of Dexter Comics

A few Olympic athletes have decided to appear in nude photos to promote the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing. The Girls of Dexter Comics are also going topless this summer, but it's mostly just to beat the heat and avoid those unsightly tan lines.

Stay tuned for the 2012 Olympic games, where Candi Starr is working on a deal to paint the "Coca Cola" logo across her chest...

-DetErest, Webmaster of


August 8, 2008
A Pool And His Money...

Dexter Comics Episode 163
Pool Toys
Water Nessie Really Blows

Dexter Comics Episode 163

Why is it that the stuff you see on TV or in the store isn't nearly as cool when you bring it home? It's a good thing that the guys didn't pay for their latest toy in Dexter Comics Episode 163.

-DetErest, Webmaster of


July 28, 2008
Digging In...

Dexter Comics Episode 162
We're Gettin' a Pool, Man!
Skye won't believe it until she sees it.

Dexter Comics Episode 162

It's hot as hell, and the guys need a plan to stay cool. They decide it's a good idea to build their own pool in the backyard in Dexter Comics Episode 162.

-DetErest, Webmaster of


July 25, 2008
Feedin' Time...

Dexter Comics Episode 161
Driving Miss Daisy
Marley: Professional Couch Potato

Dexter Comics Episode 161

Marley obviously doesn't like to be bothered during his early afternoon snack in Dexter Comics Episode 161...

-DetErest, Webmaster of


July 21, 2008
A Bunch of Crazy Guys and Dogs...

Dexter Comics Episode 160
Rex is house trained.

Dexter Comics Episode 160

Candi and Skye swoon over Rex, while debating this philosophical question: Are dogs better than guys? Find out in Dexter Comics Episode 160.

-DetErest, Webmaster of


July 18, 2008
Girl Power!

Dexter Comics Episode 159
Petty Panty Problem
Girls always come with strings attached.

Dexter Comics Episode 159

Sure, having a chick stay at your place can be fun, but there are some disadvantages... The boys enlighten us with some turds of wisdom in Dexter Comics Episode 159.

-DetErest, Webmaster of


July 14, 2008
Close Quarters...

Dexter Comics Episode 158
Under Where?
The couch is used for more than just TV.

Dexter Comics Episode 158

Loose change isn't the only thing you'll find if you go digging in Marley's couch. While fishing for pizza money, Pete finds his definition of treasure in Dexter Comics Episode 158.

-DetErest, Webmaster of


July 11, 2008
Baked Goods...

Dexter Comics Episode 157
Those brownies had icing too, man!

Dexter Comics Episode 157

People food tastes way better than dog food... Which is why Marley's dog decides to chow down on Skye's special dessert in Dexter Comics Episode 157. What a waste... Those brownies had icing too, man!

-DetErest, Webmaster of


July 7, 2008
Little Blue Pill...

Dexter Comics Episode 156
So much VIAGRA in my mailbox... WHY?

Dexter Comics Episode 156

Why do spammers assume that everyone with an e-mail account is suffering from erectile dysfunction? Pete finds his mailbox overflowing with this crap in Dexter Comics Episode 156.

-DetErest, Webmaster of

July 4, 2008
America! (Fuck Yeah!)

Dexter Comics Episode 155
Fourth of July Special!
When Everything Went "Kaboom!"

Dexter Comics Episode 155

On this glorious holiday, we follow Dexter, Marley and Pete in Dexter Comics Episode 155. The guys are fresh out of fireworks, and they're hunting for a store that still has some bright, beautiful and rather addictive sky candy that they're hooked on.

Have a safe and fun holiday! Just don't get too drunk and pass out, or someone will probably stuff a firecracker in your ass crack.

-DetErest, Webmaster of

July 2, 2008
Cleaning House...

Dexter Comics Episode 154
Can-Dough Attitude
Dexter Comics Episode 154

Why is it that stuff always sits around until you finally go lookin' for it? Dexter and Marley can't believe their eyes when they discover that Skye has tackled garbage mountain. Dexter Comics Episode 154

-DetErest, Webmaster of

June 30, 2008
Street Fighter...

Fresh out of school and armed with sticks, the guys have hit the street for some oldskool ball hockey in Dexter Comics Episode 153. First one to loose some teeth buys a case of beer, man!

-DetErest, Webmaster of

June 23, 2008
No Shirt, No Shoes, Who Cares?

Dexter Comics Episode 152
All Bikinis, Half Off!
Dexter Comics Episode 152

Pete is working the grill at FlameBurger Restaurant in Dexter Comics Episode 152 when Candi wanders in, slightly under-dressed. If you're eating at FlameBurger, don't order the deep-fried vulture... It's overcooked.

-DetErest, Webmaster of

June 20, 2008
Grand Theft Awesomeness...

Grand Theft Auto: Hellford
Grand Theft Auto: Hellford
Click for Larger Image

It almost killed me... But I finally created something that I consider to be my favorite piece of artwork for 2008. This spoof of the Grand Theft Auto IV box was really fun to make. (Thanks to Crash for suggesting that I do something with Dexter Comics and the GTA series)

It took forever to finish these drawings, but the details on the Ford Mustang and police vehicles were totally worth it. If you don't click and view the full sized image, I'm personally going to hunt you down and kill you. Seriously.

Have a nice day!

-DetErest, Webmaster of




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