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...can now be found over on If Destroyed, along with an explanation of where we're going from here.  Basically, though, I'm going to start running reviews on my blog for the time being, rather than continue to wrestle with this rather outdated site design and the cumbersome weekly schedule.  And there's also some other stuff in the pipeline, but more of that later.

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24 August 2008
New reviews
X-Factor #34
X-Factor: Layla Miller
Young X-Men #5
Air #1
Capsule reviews

17 August 2008
New reviews
SI: X-Men #1
Origins: Jean Grey
Capsule reviews

10 August 2008
New reviews
Cable #6
NYX #1
Wolverine: Killing
Authority #1
Capsule reviews

3 August 2008
New reviews
Wolverine: Origins #27
 X-Men First Class #14
 X-Men: Odd Men Out
 Vicious Circle
Capsule reviews

27 July 2008
New reviews
Uncanny X-Men #500
Wolverine: FC #5
X-Men: Legacy #214
Capsule reviews