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video annotations
video annotations

Video Annotations are a new way for you to add interactive commentary to your videos! Use them to:

  • Add background information about the video
  • Create stories with multiple possibilities (viewers click to choose the next scene)
  • Link to related YouTube videos, channels, or search results from within a video
  • All of the above!

You control what the annotations say, where they appear on the video, and when they appear and disappear.

How do I get started?

Please visit our Help Center for more information on Video Annotations.

Are there examples?

hug the world
Magic Card Trick
How to use YouTube annotations

What else should I know?

Annotations, once published, are shown by default. You can turn them off while watching a video through the player menu—just click the button on the bottom right of the video player.

Video annotations are available now as a "beta" feature. We're working hard to get this out of beta and, once we do, annotations will support more languages (not just English) and appear on videos embedded in other websites.