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Frequently asked questions

Q: Satellite navigation devices are directing traffic down the wrong road. How can I report this?
A: Ordnance Survey does not recommend particular routes, so please contact the relevant manufacturer to report any problems you are experiencing.
Q: How can I order a historical map?
A: You can enquire about or order a historical map using our online order form. A wide range of 1 inch to 1 mile maps published in the late 1800s are also available.
Q: What is the difference between large–scale and small–scale mapping?
A: Large–scale mapping shows a small area, such as your house and surrounding streets, in great detail. Small–scale mapping - a map of the Lake District, for example - shows less detail and covers a larger area.
Q: I need to locate my property's legal boundary. Can I see this on Ordnance Survey mapping?
A: Ordnance Survey's mapping does not depict legal property boundaries.
Q: How can I find my property's height above sea level?
A: You can locate this information by counting the contours on the appropriate OS Explorer Map or on the mapping in our free Get-a-map service.
Q: How do I find a grid reference for a particular location?
A: Please use our free Get-a-map service, which allows you to search for a place name or postcode. The grid reference is shown below the map.
Q: Where can I obtain a field parcel number?
A: Field parcel numbers are now the responsibility of Rural Payments Agency (RPA); you can contact their helpline on 0845 6037777 or email csc@rpa.gsi.gov.uk.
Q: Do you have any free educational leaflets on map reading?
A: You can order your map–reading leaflets by filling in the partially completed email. Please specify in the 'nn' spaces the amount of leaflets you require.
Q: A right of way is shown incorrectly on your mapping. How can I report this?
A: Information relating to rights of way on our mapping is supplied by the relevant local authority. Please contact them to enquire if our mapping matches the definitive map held by the council. In the case of any errors, the local authority will notify us of any amendments to be made.