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November 12, 2008  |  Posted by: The YouTube Team  |  Permalink

Promote Your Video With YouTube Sponsored Videos

When we first started YouTube, our vision was to create a platform that would allow everyone to broadcast themselves. So when it came to developing an approach to online advertising and marketing, we had a similar goal: everyone should benefit from the experience, whether you're a user, advertiser, or content partner.

We've been fortunate to have grown so quickly. The popularity of YouTube has been outstanding — we have millions of viewers watching hundreds of millions of videos every day, and 13 hours of new video uploaded to the site every minute. But as our community has grown, it's become harder for people to get their content to stand out and be discovered. Aspiring musicians, talented performers, small business-owners and many others have asked for ways to promote their videos and reach users who are interested in their content.

So today, we're excited to announce our newest advertising innovation, YouTube Sponsored Videos. Sponsored Videos is a self-serve advertising platform that will allow you to promote your video to the audience you are interested in reaching in an easy, effective, democratic, and affordable way. Then, when people use YouTube to search for videos, YouTube will display the most relevant, compelling videos alongside the search results. These videos are clearly labeled as "sponsored videos" and are priced on a cost-per-click basis. (For more details about Sponsored Videos, you can visit, or read our announcement on the official Google blog.)

Check out our video for more details on how Sponsored Videos works:

If you have any videos you'd like to share with the world, give Sponsored Videos a try! It takes just a few minutes to set up, and you can set your budget at any level you wish. Please visit to start your own Sponsored Videos campaign.

Don't forget to let us know what you think about Sponsored Videos. You can leave a comment here or join the discussion in our Forums.

Have fun!
The YouTube Team

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November 11, 2008  |  Posted by: Sara P.  |  Permalink

Attention Filmmakers: Who Wants To Go To Sundance?

Project: Direct, YouTube's annual short film competition, is back to offer another talented filmmaker a chance to be discovered!

This year we've partnered with AOL Moviefone and The Sundance Film Festival to bring you this challenge: direct an original short film incorporating three specific props. One must be a red phone and the other two must be chosen from a list of 25 props that have played stand-out roles in some of the most memorable films to emerge from the Sundance Film Festival over the past 25 years. To choose your props, visit

Submissions open on November 16 and close at 9PM PST on December 14. A panel of Sundance Film Festival executives will review your film and whittle the competition down to 10 semi-finalists. Then, on December 27, the YouTube community will start voting for the winning film.

If you win, you'll be off to the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, where you'll meet with the Festival's Director of Programming and screen your film at a festival event. The top three films will also take home cash prizes and be distributed on DVD to industry executives at the Festival.

While the competition proper is only officially open to entrants in the US, Canada, Brazil, UK, Spain, Italy and France, everyone is welcome to submit and we will feature top films on the YouTube site.

Need some inspiration to get started? Check out last year's three finalists:

Visit the Project: Direct channel to learn more, and take advantage of a rare opportunity to introduce your work to both a global audience and key industry executives.

Good luck,
Sara P.
YouTube Film

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November 10, 2008  |  Posted by: Olivia M.  |  Permalink

Voting now open for PROJECT: REPORT

Today Project: Report, the journalism contest YouTube is holding in partnership with the Pulitzer Center, moves into the voting phase. Submissions for Round 2 are in, and now you can help decide which of the 10 semi-finalists should take a step closer to winning the $10,000 fellowship to report on a story abroad.

The 10 semi-finalists, chosen by a panel of Pulitzer Center journalists, have just turned in their assignments, in which they're asked to tell a local story unfolding in their communities that demonstrates global issues or challenges. Now you have the opportunity to decide which of these aspiring journalists should advance to Round 3 and continue competing for the grand prize.

Visit the Project: Report channel to watch the contestants' efforts and vote for the stories you find the most compelling. You can only vote for one video per day, and voting continues until Sunday, November 16. Also, be sure to stay tuned to the News & Politics page, where we will highlight some of the videos submitted by reporters other than our semi-finalists. The best of this crop will win additional prizes from Sony and Intel.

Happy Viewing (and Voting)!

Olivia M
YouTube News & Politics

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November 08, 2008  |  Posted by: Olivia M.  |  Permalink

Your Election, Documented on YouTube

In high school gyms, small-town churches, and McDonald's drive-thrus across America, over 130 million Americans voted in this week's presidential election. Thousands of citizens documented their experiences on camera and shared them with the world here on YouTube to commemorate this historic event.

Marking the end of an epic and exhilarating election season, the videos on the homepage today include clips that chronicle the excitement of the big day, and capture the euphoric reactions to Obama's election as the next President of the United States. Jubilant Obama supporters celebrated everywhere -- in their living rooms, in front of the White House, even half-way across the world -- and produced records of their experience that they can one day show their grandchildren.

Over 2,000 videos (and counting) have poured into the Video Your Vote channel thus far, which is where YouTube and PBS teamed up to collect videos capturing the American voting experience. Each one is plotted onto a Google Map, painting a fascinating and important picture of what took place on Tuesday. This record will exist far past this election, allowing you to search and find videos uploaded near your home - and to experience how historic November 4th, 2008 was for America.

Olivia M.
YouTube News & Politics.

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November 07, 2008  |  Posted by: The YouTube Team  |  Permalink

Helping You Shape Your YouTube Experience

As YouTube grows, more and more people from all parts of the world are communicating and connecting. We want to make it easy for you to reach out and learn from each other, while you engage only in those conversations you choose. That's why we've developed the Help and Safety Tool to help you manage communications with other community members.

Using the tool is easy: Once you are logged into your personal account, the tool lets you connect directly into your channel so that you can see all communications you've had with a particular user, remove comments you'd rather not keep, and even block the user from further communication.

In addition to letting you decide which communications you would like to see, the Help and Safety Tool also gives you a simple way to let us know about additional concerns you may have related to other users. This is only the first step; we'll continue to add more features to the tool to keep the power in your hands.

Remember: you have choices on YouTube. To learn more, visit our Abuse & Safety Center, where you can find additional information about these issues. If the Abuse & Safety Center doesn't answer all your questions, you'll find "Contact Us" links at the bottom of some of our articles. Click on the link to get to the new tool, and from there you can report your concerns to us.

The YouTube Team

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November 06, 2008  |  Posted by: Sadia H.  |  Permalink

Holiday Solutions Center

The holiday season is quickly approaching. For all the fun that ensues, there are always lots of things to do and sometimes a little stress. Well, YouTube is here to help. This year we've teamed up with Lowes Home Improvement and created the Holiday Solutions Center to help with your holiday hassles and share some great ideas for the special season. This YouTube checkpoint is built to get you through the holidays without a hitch. From cooking to decorating and gift giving, our Holiday Solutions Guide brings together some of our favorite festive experts in one place.

First time hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your house? gives you recipes and tips on the staples. Want to give your place an inviting feel for the holidays? E-How has plenty of DIY ideas that are quick and simple. Whatever your quandary, the Holiday Solutions Center is the perfect place to visit when you need answers to your holiday questions.

Happy Holidays
Sadia H.
YouTube HowTo & Style

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November 05, 2008  |  Posted by: The YouTube Team  |  Permalink

New Features for the YouTube Embeddable Video

You don't have to be on the YouTube site to watch videos. The YouTube player can be added to virtually any website, giving website creators and web surfers infinite access to the YouTube library. With close to 44 percent of our users watching embedded videos, we're committed to constantly refining the player. Today, we are pleased to announce four new features:

  • High-quality start images (thumbnails) – Before you press play on embedded YouTube videos, the thumbnails for the video will be presented in high-quality. We're pleased with the results – let us know if you agree.

  • Search in embeddable player – At the close of an embedded video, along with the usual recommended videos and URLs, a search box will appear. Not only will you be able search from within the embedded player, you will be able to watch videos through the same window. That's right, you can search all of YouTube from the comfort of your favorite blog, news, or humor page.

  • Integrated video annotations – Annotations enable video producers to incorporate text information into their videos, create choose your own adventure-style stories or add links to any YouTube video. People watching videos through the embedded player can now join the fun.

  • Integrated closed captions – Back in August we started allowing video creators to add captions to their videos. Closed Captions are now available in embedded videos like this one:

Our open APIs and embeddable players allow more and more people to transform the way they distribute and enjoy videos while avoiding the traditional cost and hassle of hosting videos. We look forward to seeing the fun and creative ways you will use these new features.

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment here or posting in our Help Forums.

Have fun,
The YouTube Team

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November 04, 2008  |  Posted by: Steve G.  |  Permalink

Video Your Vote! And Then Watch the Election on YouTube

After thousands of campaign stops, tens of thousands of speeches, and billions of videos viewed on YouTube, the 2008 Election is finally here. What began almost two years ago -- when seven of the 16 primary presidential candidates announced their campaigns on our You Choose '08 platform -- is finally coming to a close as Americans turn out to vote for should lead the country these next four years.

The influence you've had on this political season has been well noted in this blog and by most every major media outlet in the world. Your use of video to document and describe this Election on your own terms has created a new, more democratic political ecosystem and has caused many to call this the "YouTube Election." But while the profound increase in online activity has reshaped our national dialogue in so many new ways, today is where we see just how much it matters: the ultimate political action isn't to upload a video to YouTube or to watch "Yes We Can" or "We Need McCain" one more time; it's to GET OUT AND VOTE.

Today we're featuring all political videos on the homepage of YouTube; check them out and get a flavor for what's coming in on Election Day. We're also plotting videos of your polling place experiences on a special Google Maps mash-up on our Video Your Vote channel with PBS. So bring your video camera with you to your polling place to document your experience; then submit your videos to the Video Your Vote channel and keep an eye on PBS's Election coverage -- they'll broadcast the best ones on TV.

And as always, you can keep track of what the candidates are up to on our You Choose '08 platform.

Congratulations, YouTube users. You've made this a historic Election -- now get out and vote in it! Then stay tuned here to see the first YouTube Election unfold, on video.

Steve Grove
YouTube News & Politics

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November 02, 2008  |  Posted by: Olivia M.  |  Permalink

Project: Report - What's your story?

Is there something happening where you live that you think the world should know about? An important story you want to share that others around the world might relate to? Now is your opportunity to tell that story for the chance to win technology prizes from Sony and Intel.

In Round 2 of Project: Report, the journalism contest YouTube is holding in partnership with the Pulitzer Center, aspiring journalists are asked to tell a local story unfolding in their communities that demonstrates global issues or challenges. Your videos must be four minutes or less, and submitted in English or with English subtitles.

If you're looking for some examples, check out this video from Pulitzer Center journalist Kwame Dawes on the HIV epidemic in Jamaica. He also offers tips for how to make a local story globally relevant.

The deadline for Round 2 submissions is just one week from today, so make sure to submit your video to the Project: Report channel ( by Sunday, November 9 at midnight PT.

The 10 semi-finalists chosen by the Pulitzer Center after Round 1 are busy working on their videos for Round 2, and you'll have the opportunity to vote on which of these reporters should advance to the final round and compete for the grand prize -- a $10,000 journalism fellowship to report on a story abroad.

So stay tuned!

Olivia M.
YouTube News & Politics

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November 01, 2008  |  Posted by: The YouTube Team  |  Permalink

Auto Translate Now Available For Videos With Captions

In August, we added captions and subtitles to YouTube videos to help uploaders reach a wider audience.

While we've been working to offer captions in as many different languages as possible, there are often only a few translated versions available. To solve this problem, we added a new "auto translate" feature. Google Translate adds real-time machine translation to any caption tracks you upload. Now you can enjoy this video spoken in Italian, even if you don't understand Italian.

To get a translation for your preferred language, move the mouse over the bottom-right arrow, and then over the small triangle next to the CC (or subtitle) icon, to see the captions menu. Click on the "Translate..." button and then you will be given a choice of many different languages.

When you add captions to your video in one language, it will be readable to almost everybody through auto translate. While machine translation is not perfect, we hope this will help creators to offer you a better understanding of their videos.

For more information about how to use captions, please visit this page.
Tell us what you think of auto translate by leaving a comment here or posting on our Help Forum.

The YouTube Team

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