Los de Atrás Vienen Conmigo
Release Date: Oct. 21
Producer(s): Calle 13
Genre: LATIN
Label: Sony BMG Norte
On its sophomore album "Residente o Visitante," Puerto Rican rap duo Calle 13 veered from sophomoric humor to outright perversion, an explosive combination that raised more than one eyebrow. On its follow-up, the jokes remain, but they are paired with—gasp!—uplifting messages like that of the first single, "No Hay Nadie Como Tu," featuring Café Tacvba. The wickedness is tempered with more humor than morbidity, as with opener "Que Lloren," which hilariously mocks sell-out reggaetón acts and other hypocrites. Calle 13 also made a conscious effort to expand its musical boundaries, experimenting with candombe, banda (at times reminiscent of Akwid) and tropical beats that add a touch of world music to the mix. But the lyrics —irreverent, incisive and unfailingly intelligent—remain the core of an act that has set a high bar for what Latin rap can aspire to. —Leila Cobo

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