Roger and friends laid on a special late-night treat (short but sweet) during TCT week for 150 invited guests with deep pockets.

We're featuring 4 songs - "2,000 Years", "Without Your Love", "Naked Eye" and "Ring of Fire".

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You may or may not know that I've been working with other British performing artists to persuade our government to extend performance rights beyond their current 50 years to 95. The government were bloody useless and refused. Did they really think that the small slice of the cost of a record that goes to the Artist would have been passed on anywhere other than to increase the record company's profits? Most musicians receive small amounts of performance royalties and this in later life can make the difference between independence and relying on the State. The good news is though that the European Commission have now stepped in and made a really fair judgement. It's wonderful that it's upset so many elitist ageist people who think that only writers, rather than performers, are worthy of this length of copyright.

What else is new? Pete and I are cracking on with our plans. I'm superstitious so I'm not going to add any more now to what Pete's already said. It's a great time of year. Spring is threatening to spring. The Gunners are holding their own against Man U and Chelsea.
And Mayor Ken Livingstone is whining away as usual. (That's one for Londoners).

Meanwhile, I'm happy to do another interview with you when some of my plans with Pete are a bit further down the line.

Think lucky. Be lucky.