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if you really think about it we are ALL mixed!
we all have other races in our blood..
i think its stupid to talk about this issue in the first place..
is obama black or white or whatever..
he has brown skin end of story..
if people have problems with that, then keep on arguing over nonsense..
instead of focusing on obama's politics you are arguing about skin color..
we'll kick his stupid lil dajjal ass back to where he's coming from!
dajjal won't stand a chance!
"and replace them with nothing"

amen to that hahahaha!
and thats exactly whats wrong with the mindstate of people nowadays..
war, weapons, enemies...
nobody cares about what people have in coming..
we are all the same, period!
who is this guy talking in the this video?
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scavardaloaf (2 days ago)
Great videos man! We are certainly on the same page!
chilltree (1 week ago)
The Ten Commandments were introduced in a time of pagan worship!! WHY I HEAR U ASK is BECAUSE WHEN U COMMIT A MAJOR SIN just like in buddhism U ATTRACT NEGATIVE FORCES INTO YOUR LIFE. IF U STEAL U LOSE SOMETHING. God doesnt want to control us U ARE ALL FREE TO SIN but he does warn us that each sin is a gateway attached to a demon. FEEL FREE but dont ask GOD why your lives are so miserable. That is why there are NO LOOP HOLES around it either. Not even the illuminati can change the commandments only make them seem insignificant to the average joe. I no the power of not committing a sin. I live by it. so forgive me if i didnt get the humour of that vid, but thanks anyway.
chilltree (3 weeks ago)
Thanx for your vid. The man with the bag over his head, behind a barbed wire fence trying to calm his child kinda got to me. The real world is a very evil place its no wonder everyone is in denial!! Thanks again & keep up the good work!
chilltree (3 weeks ago)
hi, i recently saw your comments about wanting to know more about islams view on the NWO and the illuminati. That guys video was very biased so i thought id send u the first vid of a series about the arrival of the antichrist dajjal according to islam. I have recently come to learn that Islam is a very informative source on the subject of the TRUTH beleive me or not just research further!!!
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