That Don't Make Me a Bad Guy
Release Date: Oct. 28
Producer(s): Toby Keith
Label: Show Dog Nashville
In a world of copycats, Toby Keith stands alone —"I created my niche," he says. That said, his new album is not exactly like the last or the one before that, and is pleasantly surprising in its evolution. Despite the familiar bravado of "Time That It Would Take" ("In the time it would take me to tell you where I've been, I could take you places you ain't never been before"), there's also a vulnerability here. "Lost You Anyway" and current single "She Never Cried in Front of Me" detail self-investigation following failed relationships. Meanwhile, "Creole Woman" finds him unable to avoid the temptations of a voodoo mistress. The bluesy "Missing Me Some You," written from the perspective of a soldier on duty somewhere in the Middle East, is the set's best cut. —Ken Tucker

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