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Copyright :
Millimages/ Pearson Broadband
Format : 26 x 13'
Target audience : KIDS
Summary :
"The way things work" is the ultimate televisual guide to the world of machines; inventions and technology for curious minds of all ages. The series is based on the David Macaulay's hugely successful book. It is designed as an entertaining, humorous and informative series for children and their parents; in fact anyone who may find technology intimidating and wishes it were less so. "The way things work" shows how machines do what they do, as well as explaining how the concept behind one invention is linked to the concept behind another, thus showing, for example, the connections between a wheelbarrow and a can opener; or a windmill and the first dentist's drill...
Writer :
David Macaulay
Director :
Diego Zamora
Script Writers :
Alastair Swinnerton, Adrian Raeside, Doug Zwick, Simon Jowett, Paul Dawson
Music :
Gil Slavin / Bernard Levitte / Bob Saker
Coproducers :
Millimages / Pearson Broadband / France 5/ZDF Enterprise
Distributors :
Millimages UK
Broadcasters :
France 3 / BBC / ABC Australie / Canal J / SVT / Danmark Radio
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