History of African Nations cup since 1957

The African Nations Cup started officially on the 10th of February 1957, in the national stadium of Khartoum. But its idea comes back to the 8th of June 1956 when AbdelAziz Abdallah Salem and Mohamed Latif from Egypt, Abdel Halim Shaddaad, Badawy Mohamed and Abdelhalim Mohamed from Sudan, and Fred Will from South Africa has met in Avenida hotel in Portugal, to discuss the idea of construction of an African Union and launching a competition between the different countries of the continent.

The constructional organization has been held 8 months later in Grand Hotel in Khartoum, 2 days before the opening match between Egypt and Sudan

1957 ,1959 ,1962 ,1963 ,1965 ,1968 ,1970 ,1972 ,
1974 ,1976, 1978 ,1980 ,1982 ,1984 ,1986 ,1988
1990 , 1992 , 1994 , 1996 ,1998 ,  2000 ,2002
 , 2004

Sudan, 1957
Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia have participated in the first tournament. South Africa has been banned after the refusal of sending a mixed team (not based on a racist color) to Sudan, in which the competition was held.

Egypt, 1959
Two years later, Egypt has succeeded to win the trophy for the second time on her own land, being lead by the inside left, Mahmoud El Gohary. The same three members were participating in this one. The sixties has also been a shining period for the CAF (African Federation of Football), and also in this decade, the Nations cup has hugely progressed and developed.

Ethiopia, 1962
Ethiopia has held the third tournament that witnessed the participation of new countries for the first time as Tunisia and Uganda. The Ethiopians has proven their strength and stamina, and they reached the final match against Egypt. The match reached a draw of 2-2 in the end of the 90 minutes. And for the first time in the history of this tournament, an extra time was played. The hosting country won it 4-2 at the end.

Ghana, 1963
Ghana got their first trophy in that year. They were trained by the famous trainer Charles Giamphy. The “Black Stars” have shined to win 3-0 over Sudan in the final match of the competition held in Accra, the Capital of Ghana.

Tunisia 1965
In this year, Ghana has succeeded to defend their title in Tunisia, by winning 3-1 over the hosting country, after the match has gone to an extra time. The winning team contained 2 players only from those who won the previous competition in 1963.

Ethiopia 1968
As a sign of increasingly popularity of the game in the dark continent, 8 teams participated in this tournament held in Ethiopia after playing qualifying matches. Congo Kinshasa reached the final against Ghana. The player Pierre Calala scored the winning goal. Loran Boko, the Ivory Coast player has scored 6 goals, as to say 2 goals less than the previous competition.

Sudan 1970
In 1970's tournament held in Sudan, the first television coverage of this tournament was ever organized. Zaire, the title defenders, has fallen from the first round. Ghana has reached the final match for a fourth consecutive time. But this time they lost against Sudan, by the goal scored from the Sudanese attacker, El_Sayed, who gifted his country the only cup they have ever won in their history.

Cameroon 1972
Cameroon has held this tournament in 1972 and they have reached the semi-final. But against all odds, they lost surprisingly from Congo, who won this trophy by a stunning victory over Mali 3-2

Egypt , 1974
In 1974, Egypt has hosted the competition. And Zaire won it. The Zaire's player Pierre Nday scored 9 goals that helped his country to reach the final. And for the first time in the history of the tournament, the final match has been re-played due to a draw 2-2 in the first match. Pierre Nday scored twice in the second match to help Zaire win it. And his mates got back to Zaire their president's plane, Moboto Sisisiko.

Ethiopia 1976
The 1976 competition was held in Ethiopia. And for the first time it was held by the system of league groups, then knockout.

Ghana 1978
Ghana hosted the tournament, and they won 2-0 over Uganda in the final match to be the first country to win the trophy three times and keep it forever.

Nigeria 1980
In 1980, Nigeria was on a date with their first trophy since the beginning of the African Nations Cup. They succeeded to win the competition that was held at their home land, lead by they legendary scorer Sigon Odigbamy, by winning over Algeria in the final match 3-0.

Libya 1982,
In 1982, the competition was held in Libya on artificial play courts. The Libyans have benefited playing on their ground and the home factor by reaching the final match, but they lost against Ghana 7-6 who won their fourth title.

Ivory Coast 1984
In the next competition was held in Ivory Coast, the title defenders left the tournament early while Cameroon beated Nigeria 2-0 in the final match, giving the lions their first African trophy.

Egypt 1986
In 1986, Egypt has hosted the tournament, and they succeeded to overcome their loss in the opening match of the competition against Senegal by a single goal, to reach the final match. And after a superb match against Cameroon in the final, they succeeded to win 5-4 by penalties to regain the title they first won 30 years ago.

Morocco 1988
Football fans from Morocco were on a date with 1988 competition held on their home land. Morocco did succeed to reach the semi final. Algeria did also reach the semi final, but both Arabic teams were defeated by Cameroon and Nigeria. This time Cameroon won 1-0 from a penalty kick by Emmanuelle Condi, who gave his country the second African trophy.

Algeria 1990
The first tournament held in the nineties was in Algeria, who succeeded to get benefit from the home factor to win their first trophy by beating Nigeria in the final match by a single goal.

Senegal 1992
In 1992, the tournament was held in Senegal, by a participation of 12 teams. Ivory Coast managed to win their first trophy after defeating Ghana in the final match 11-10 in penalty kicks after an exciting match.

Tunisia 1994
Tunisia, the hosts of this competition, left the tournament from the first round in a humiliating way. Zambia was the surprise of this tournament but they lost in the final match 2-1 from the Nigerian eagles.

South Africa 1996
The 1996 Nations cup organized by South Africa witnessed Nigeria withdrawal for political reasons. South Africans got their first trophy by winning over Tunisia 2-0 in the final match.

Burkina Faso 1998
Egypt was on a date with the fourth cup. Both Hossam Hassan and Benny McCarthy couldn't score a goal in the final match played by the Egyptian and the South African team, after both leading goal scorers got a tie with 7 goals each in this tournament. Egypt won 2-0 in the final match, and Mahmoud el Gohary was the first person to win this trophy as a player and a coach.
Nigeria 2000
Cameroon won their first trophy in the new millennium after a breath taking match against Nigeria, the hosting country. Full time result was 2-2, and Cameroon succeeded to win it by penalties.

Mali 2002
Again, Cameroon won this time by penalties over Senegal, in the competition held in Mali.

Tunisia 2004
Again, Tunisia won this time on her own land.
The Participated countries were:

Tunisia, Guinea, Congo, Mali, Senegal, Kenya, Burkina Faso, Cameron, Algeria, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Benin.
Results of CAN Finals
Egypt 4 Ethiopia 0
Egypt 2 Sudan 1
Ethiopia 4 Egypt 2 (aet)
Ghana 3 Sudan 0
Ghana 3 Tunisia 2 (aet)
Congo-Kinshasa 1Ghana0
Sudan 1 Ghana 0
Congo 3 Mali 2
Zaire 2 Zambia 0(replay after 2-2 draw)
Morocco won final round league group
Ghana 2 Uganda 0
Nigeria 3 Algeria 0
Ghana 1 Libya 1 (7-6 pens)
Cameroon 3 Nigeria 1
Ivory Coast
Egypt 0 Cameroon 0 (5-4 pens)
Cameroon 1 Nigeria 0
Algeria 1 Nigeria 0
Ivory Coast 0 Ghana 0 (11-10 pens)
Nigeria 2 Zambia 1
South Africa 2 Tunisia 0
South Africa
Egypt 2 South Africa 0
Burkina Faso
Cameroon 2 Nigeria 2 (4-3 pens)
Ghana / Nigeria
Cameroon 0 Senegal 0 (3-2 pens)
Tunisia 2 Morocco 1
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