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Jon Frederic Cole was born in Chicago, Illinois in April of 1943. He grew up in Arizona. At the age of 12 and weighing only 97 lbs., he bought his first weight set through a magazine ad. From that day forward lifting weights became his passion. As his strength and size progressed, he recognized the importance of nutrition in relationship to the gains he wanted to attain in his lifting. He began to research and study everything he could find about the human body and its nutritional needs. When he added the results of his research to his weight training, his natural abilities were enhanced so greatly that he became a champion athlete. 

In high school, Jon was All- State in Track and Field two years and State Champion in the Discus throw as a junior and senior. He set the National High School Record as a junior and was named to the National High-School All-American Track and Field Team. Jon graduated with academic and athletic honors, and was offered scholarships to universities all over the United States. He accepted a four year full scholarship from Arizona State University and in 1962, he arrived on campus with a borrowed pickup truck full of barbells, dumbbells, benches, squat racks and over 3,000 lbs. of weights, all of which he had accumulated since the age of 12. Other athletes and their Coaches thought Jon was crazy because he spent so much of his time lifting weights. It was a common belief in those days that lifting weights would make you muscle bound and ruin your athletic ability. However, their thinking changed when Jon set the School, State and Conference Records in the Discus and Shot Put, and was named an N.C.A.A. All American and A.A.U. All American. 

After seeing what weight training had done for Jon, many of the football players asked if he would give them a weight-training program. Jon created a program for each one of them; designed for their particular position on the team. The results of the programs Jon designed for the football players were so incredible that Jon was asked by Head Football Coach Frank Kush to be the Strength Training Coach for his teams. Jon accepted the offer and was hired; thus becoming the first official Strength Coach in a college or university. It was at this time that Jon began to compete in Powerlifting and in 1968, he decided to participate in his first AAU National Power Lifting Championships. Jon, who was an unknown in the national weight lifting scene, shocked the weight lifting community by winning the Heavyweight Division; and, was named the meets Outstanding Performer. During the years Jon served as Strength Coach and Nutritional Consultant for Kush's Football team, he also completed course work for his B .A. and M. A. in English; and, accepted the added responsibility of rehabilitating the injured athletes. At the request of the head coaches of the other sports programs at ASU, Jon inculcated his weight training programs with great results. Jon's reputation spread through out the country and he helped many high schools, junior colleges and universities in the designing of their weight training facilities and their strength training programs. He continued to compete in Track and Field and Powerlifting and became the only person in sports history to win a National A.A.U. Championship in two different sports and be named the Outstanding Performer in both.

Jon left ASU in 1973, to open his first weight training and muscular rehabilitation center in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was here that Jon pioneered Personal Training on a one to one basis. Jon had phenomenal success in rehabilitating athletes and returning them to active duty in record time. This reputation brought him athletes from all over the country seeking his care. In 1975, at the request of a few Orthopedic Surgeons, Jon decided to apply his rehabilitation programs to people from all walks of life. These people were individuals that needed more help then they could receive in post operative Physical Therapy. Many called the results they had with Jon�s programs miracles; and, Jon soon had an abundance of people with prescriptions from their doctors coming to his facility for treatments. 

During the 10 years Jon owned and operated his first facility in Scottsdale, Arizona, he also accepted the responsibility of handling the off season strength training program for the Green Bay Packers. 54 players and came to Arizona for three weeks to be trained by Coach Cole and his staff, (Jon now had 12 assistants, all with college degrees and competitive weight lifting experience). In 1976, Jon was approached by Athletic Director Fred Miller and Head Football Coach Frank Kush, and asked to return to ASU on a consulting basis to help a declining football program. He accepted, and the following year the team became Conference Champions.

In 1986, he opened the second of his Jon Cole System facilities, also located in Scottsdale. He worked with athletes, and people from all walks of life that wanted his expertise in physical conditioning. Jon�s deep desire however, was to focus on people who had been written off by the mainstream medical community as unable to be helped further. His success was immediate.

In 1993, Jon decided a change was due with the direction of his business in order to spend more time with the people who needed him. He no longer owns or operates any training facilities. Jon now works with both professional and non-professional athletes, people with injuries in need of Muscular Rehabilitation, and people from all walks of life who are serious about their physical conditioning and their physical appearance. His credentials are unmatched and the results he promises are guaranteed. Considering all he has accomplished personally in athletics, and the remarkable results he has achieved with thousands of individuals over the past 40 years, it is easy to understand why he is �THE COACH THE COACHES CALL COACH�.

�There are many ways to go forward; but

there is only one way to stand still�

Thomas Jefferson

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