*** The How Do I Look documentary makes new headlines in Chicago ***
The Legendary Neiman Marcus Escada, Midwest Icons Tommy Avant-Garde & Kenny Omni in conjunction with Director Wolfgang Busch

The Ball

a MadMan Production
with celebrity judge
Mo'Nique Mo'Nique Getty Images
           (The Parkers, Phat Girlz...)


Saturday  July 22nd, 2006 

at the elegant
Park West Theatre
322 W. Armitage   Chicago, IL
(4 blocks north of North Ave. @ Clark St.)
Admission: $30, 18 and older with proper I.D.
Doors open @ 10:30 pm

Ball starts PROMPTLY @ midnite and ENDS @ 3 am

appearances by  stars:                      
  a documentary on the Harlem Drag Ball Community         

Luna Khan- Face



Anthony Revlon- Runway


Ross Infiniti- Bizarre
Jose Xtravaganza- Vogue, starring in Madonna's video "Vogue" and "Truth or Dare"


Tommy Avant-Garde

Co-Founder and Overall Father of the House of Avant-Garde
Derryck LaBeija
Original member of the House of LaBeija
Kenny Omni
Midwest Regional Father of the House of Omni

Jazmine Blahnik

Mother of the House of Blahnik
Wolfgang Busch
Director for How Do I Look


Feminine Runway:
Sweet sexy lady emerge for me. Here's a runway category just for thee. The spectators, they say, will want a thrill. But to do that, you must be dressed to kill.  Note: your walk must be "sickening"!
Feminine Face:
In your mind you think it's true, that there exists no bitch as lovely as you. Some don't believe that this can be, so bring your carte for us to see.
Feminine Body:
Bring your body to the floor, modelesque or luscious, nothing more! Note: fully covered please...NO nudity!
Butch Realness (Studs):
Can you pass? Show us the Hip-Hop in you, the Schoolboy in you, or the Executive Moneymaker in you.  All in all, show us the B-O-Y in you!

Female Figure (BQ up in Drags vs. FQ)
The moment has come and the time is right. Serve the runway in something WHITE. Your trophy depends on all you do, so get that bitch before she gets you!
You've come to this place to settle a score, so hit the stage and cause an uproar. A battle you wanted, a battle it shall be. Perform for us, the judges will see...
Sex Siren:
Sex appeal you ooze and flaunt, and sex appeal is all we want. The judges won't chop you, it has been said, if you "serve" for us in ravishing RED !  Note: NO nudity please.
Will the "straight" boys know when they check out your ass? You may meet "Mr. Right" if you can pass.
Labels: ($200 and trophy)
You're always done, as we've come to know; so bring us labels from head to toe!
Big Girl Runway:
Walk for me, "Ms. Thing", and lead the way. NO skinny bitches in this category today!
This category will be judged by Mo'Nique herself, so bring it to the runway and serve for Mo'Nique!


Butch Queens

Big Boy Runway:
Strut, strut, wiggle, wiggle...walk for us and make us giggle. Note: you MUST have on a skirt!
BQ Trilogy - Face, Body & Realness:
Tonite's the night I ask to see, a man of men who possesses all three: a face that's fine, a body well cut, and the realness to make me his only slut.  Note: fully covered, yet revealing, but NO nudity!
BQ Runway: European vs. American: ($200 & trophy)
A tisk, a tisk, a tee hee hee...which butch queen will it be? Come serve the runway in a model way, hoping that the judges will let you stay.  Note: European look must include hat & gloves!
BQ Labels: ($200 & trophy)
You've spent your whole paycheck and you've finally arrived, but only the "DONE" will be able to survive.
BQ Face: Under 30 vs. Over 30: ($200 & trophy)
The jealous children hiss and frown as the "FACE" kids hit the town. No props are needed, not even staging. All we need is your F-A-C-E, which is far from aging.
BQ Realness: ($200 & trophy)
Hip-Hop Ghetto vs. Construction Worker Fine vs. Pretty Schoolboy vs. Executive Realness.  Come in character to win the prize!
BQ Vogue Fem: ($200 & trophy)
The time has come to set the record straight. If you don't possess all 5 elements, you are truly late. Duckwalk, catwalk, dips-n-spins, floor performance and hand performance to settle the score...
Let all challengers know you own the floor.  Note: you must wear black & white.
BQ Body:
Cut from the Heavens, but hot as Hell, let's see a body that can cast a spell. Our eyes will be drawn to your special place, so it's up to you to keep it in GOOD TASTE ! 
Note: Muscular in red boxers vs. Models in black boxers.


Open To All

Facial Fantasies:
Bring us your most outrageous and outlandish effect. Go BEYOND the 'club kid'!  Note: looking for creativity NOT beauty!
Bizarre Bazaar: ($200 & trophy)
On the brink of destruction is the ozone layer, so bring us your effect in recyclable wares.  Become your challenger's slayer!

Mini Grand #1
Team Face: ($300 and trophy)
Back in time you asked of me, to bring a team of 2 "FACE" divas for all to see. One male figure and one female figure to cast a spell, so these 2 faces must be lovely as hell.
Not all who come will pass the test, but I know you will vow to send your very best.  Note: they don't have to be in the same house!


Mini Grand #2

New Way Vogue Performance: ($500 and trophy)
New way used to be exciting, now it's a bore, with people crawling and twisting all over the floor. Take us back and show us your skill. Think of Madonna's video if you will.
Serve it, seal it, and the prize you can fetch, but remember, we are NOT impressed with your stretch!  YOU MUST V-O-G-U-E!!


Grand Prize

How Do I Look: ($800 and trophy)
Bring the Look and Presentation as a house, with music that compliments your effect!

for more information:


Kenny Omni 773.734.6751    Thomas Sampson (M-F 9a-5p) 773.522.4570    Madman Productions 773.779.2399 


Wolfgang Busch 718.726.0831

The How Do I Look DVD is available at: www.HowDoILooknyc.org
KIM'S video, 89 Christopher Street, NYC  and   GIOVANNI'S, 345 South 12 street, Philly
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