Copy control facts

The global record industry association IFPI has issued guidelines for the labelling of music albums that incorporate copy control technology.These guidelines can be found on their website:

  IFPI press release 30 May 2002  


Any copy controlled disc released by EMI is clearly marked with the industry's internationally agreed logo to inform consumers that the disc incorporates copy control technology and what the minimum requirements for playing the disc are.The minimum requirements are: It is designed to be compatible with CD audio players, DVD players and PC - MS Windows 95, Pentium 2, 233 MHz, 64 MB RAM or higher, Mac OS 8.6-9 with the CarbonLib extension and Mac OS X.


Copyright, along with other intellectual property rights, is the basic legal principle that underpins all creative works and is a fundamental right of all artists. Whenever any original musical sound is recorded, it is automatically protected by copyright.The aim of copyright is to foster creative works by creating a vibrant and dynamic climate for artists and creators to work in and to prevent unauthorised copying of original works. It guarantees that the integrity of their work is protected and ensures that the copyright holder is the prime beneficiary of any commercial exploitation of the work.Copyright protection gives the copyright holder the exclusive legal right to reproduce, publish, distribute, perform, broadcast, translate or adapt their work ' and to have the exclusive right to license others to do so - for a fixed period of time. This period varies from country to country, but for example in the case of recorded music, in Europe copyright lasts for 50 years and in the USA for 95 years.As a legal principle, copyright is very well established. The first copyright law was passed in England in 1709 and today almost every country in the world has a copyright law. In recognition of the importance of strong copyright protection, when the World Trade Organisation was formed in 1995, having a modern effective copyright law was one of the pre-conditions for countries wanting to join.Copyright is absolutely crucial for all musicians, songwriters and other artists who wish to work by using their talent. It is automatic and applies to all creative fields. Without it, there is no way for the copyright holder to ensure that their work is seen, heard, experienced or used in the ways and with the quality intended. Without it there is no way to ensure that those who actually are responsible for creating all the wonderful art and entertainment around us are the beneficiaries of that work.