Problem Solving Introduction

EMI is introducing new disc formats in response to dramatic growth in priacy of our products. In our isolated cases certain problems may be encountered with these disc formats. The Q&A's below aim to help users solve any such problems.

EMI Disc Problems - Questions and Answers

Click Copy Contol Q&A if your CD package is labelled 'Copy Control' on the front or back of the CD inlay.Click Content Protection Q&A if your CD package is labelled 'Content Protection' on the front or back of the CD inlay.Please note: if you have bought a copy of Twentythree by Tristan Prettyman and would like support please click on Content Protection Q&A below.

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  Content Protection Q & A  

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Please download the PDF files below for more information about consumer rights.

This EULA applies to all content protected titles except those listed below.

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