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Welcome to the OPL Wiki

This is the OPL Wiki. We at the OPL-Dev team hope that this Wiki will become the central Documents and Reference site for OPL. If you've never used a Wiki before then just treat it like you would any other website. But the advantage to a Wiki (as opposed to anything else) is that anyone can register and contribute to the project just by clicking the Edit Page link at the bottom of each page. In this way you can help with the FAQ, checking pages, adding tutorials... the OPL Wiki will allow the OPL Community to support each other and provide everything the newcomer to OPL will need.

Wiki News

Apologies for all the problems with Wiki Spam. Only registered users may now comment or make edits. The wiki has also been upgraded to the most version. Includes support for attaching files.

Update: since the Spam continued after the previous measure, editing is currently only allowed by the administrators of the Wiki. Comments can be written by registered users only. We're currently thinking of a solution that will allow us to continue with the Wiki as before but without opening it to spammers.

Spam measures 2
Since the spam continues (even on the comments pages), we're keeping the current situation. But we don't want to prevent legitimate users from editing or adding pages. Therefore, anyone who would like to contribute to the Wiki, please send an email to arjen at allaboutsymbian dot com with your wiki username and you will be added to the group of people that has edit rights for the entire Wiki.

For comments, suggestions or questions please use the Comments And Suggestions page.

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What is OPL?

OPL is an interpreted language targeted at Symbian OS phones. OPL is an entry-level development tool that enables rapid development of applications. OPL consists of phone-side code (runtime and translator) and PC-side code (translator and tools).

OPL Papers

This will contain short articles and 'how to' guides on various OPL subject.
PC Primer: How To Write and Compile Symbian OS OPL Applications on your PC.
PC Primer II: Another way how to write, compile and test Symbian OS OPL Applications for Series 60 devices on your PC.
OPLTran and Nokia N-Gage: Ewan's discovered a little trick with his Nokia N-Gage and the USB cable that speeds up the development cycle.
PC Primer for UIQ: Short introduction on OPL programming with the UIQ Emulator on your PC.
Series 60 multitap text input: Demo code for multitap text input on Series 60 devices.

OPL Command Listing

Because OPL is highly portable, this Command Listing can be used for SIBO machines, EPOC machines, and Symbian OS machines (eg Nokia 9210 Series 80 and any Series 60 device).

The Command List is an alphabetical list of OPL commands. Please add comments and examples as appropriate. This is intended as a primary reference for OPL commands. You can also view OPL Commands by Groups, where they are grouped according to their purpose. Use this section if you know what you??d like to do, but not which function or command will do it.

All OPL Commands are also available as .rtf file (RTF – Rich Text Format). This was created from the wiki on 03/05/2004 by Rafe Blandford.

Const.oph is a file full of use constants. For example you can replace the value 13 in your source code with KButtonEnter% (so it's much easier to read, but compiles just the same). This will be a full list of available constants.

OPX Guide: Extending OPL

The OPX Guide details how the OPL Language can be extended through C++ extensions called OPX's, the 'standard' OPX's available, and third party OPX's developers can use.

OPL Glossary

The OPL Glossary is the place to look for all the other terms, names and programs that aren't covered by the Commands Listing.

FAQ Section

FAQ: For all your answers
Unanswered FAQ's: All the questions that you would like to see answered. If you have a question, add it here. And if you know any answers, fill them in and move it over to the FAQ
RmrUiqBugs: Here you can find a list of current Bugs for UIQ release.

Useful Links

OPL Symbian Diary –
OPL-Dev Homepage –
OPL-Dev Project page –
OPL-Recource site –

OPL Programs Directory

The OPL Programs Directory lists all the OPL programs that have been released and are available for download.

OPL Manuals and Archived Material

The OPL Manuals that shipped in paper or electronic form, and the machines they cover. As OPL never shipped with any Symbian Device, there is no manual to archive here. In fact, this Wiki effectively is the OPL Manual for Symbian OS!

SIBO Manual (for Psion Series 3, 3a, 3c, 3mx, Siena and Acorn Pocketbooks I and II).
1. Creating And Running Programs
2. Variables And Constants
13. Alphabetic Listing

EPOC Manual (for Series 5, 5mx, 7, netBook, netPad Revo, Revo Plus, Ericssson MC218, Diamond Mako, Geofox One and Oregon Osaris).

Programming Psion Computers (A free eBook covering OPL for SIBO and EPOC Release 3–5 available as PDF).

OPL documentation files for EPOC Release 5 (very useful for Symbian OPL programming).

OPL documentation files about porting from Epoc Release 5 to Symbian OS

OOPL – Object Oriented OPL (This document describes a variant of OPL that was enhanced with object oriented features)

Database Doumentation (Documentation of the EPOC Release 3–5 Database Managment System by Pelican Software).

The Psionics Files (Description of SIBO file formats).

Things To Do

Documentation To Do: A list of things to be added or be done to the OPL Wiki. Pop in here and see if there is anything you can help out with.

OPL and OPX wishlist

This is a wishlist for wanted (and unwanted) features of OPL

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