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2000 - Week 10

This is just sad. If you've been reading these, you'll note that I didn't put up any stats for LSU or State until the night before the Iron Bowl. It's just too depressing to look at.

Up Next - Auburn

A final shot at redemption. The only way that we can salvage anything, anything, out of this season is to beat our rivals. The Iron Bowl (now the official name, even) is the best rivalry in the country. Bar none. And both sides should be really pumped to win it. Of course, we know that the game's being played in Tuscaloosa for the first time in 99 years, and the first time ever in Bryant-Denny Stadium. Here are all the facts I can possibly find about this greatest of college football rivalries.

If Bama wins: If Bama loses:

2000 UA Football Facts