Because each image is created using a single 2Dview, content providers will not have to incorporate hundreds or thousands of separate images to create the 3Dsolar effect thus enabling them to re-focus on their core business and develop 3D images more rapidly.


�3Dsolar is light years beyond holography in those designers can create images that are highly detailed in both color design and animation,� said Patrick Levy Rosenthal, inventor of 3Dsolar.


"3Dsolar technology is true innovation for businesses of all kinds," added Mr. Patrick Levy Rosenthal the inventor. "Imagine a 3Dsolar screen displaying selected store products 12 inches away from the actual retail store window and offering the passerby the possibility to interact with the virtual objects.�


The 3Dsolar high resolution guarantees quality output with ideal contrast, brightness and color behavior, thus enabling accurate and precise visualization.


3Dsolar devices in small scale production cost approximately USD $6,000. However, the company anticipates large scale production to reduce costs to approximately USD $2,500.


3DSolar SDK is free of charge allowing software developers and content providers to directly interact with the 3Dsolar units.



The Alpha Prototype (2004)

The cube and the ball are flying 15 cm away from the white frame.



About Euro-CASE Organization

The European Council of Applied Sciences and Engineering is an independent non-profit organization of National Academies of Engineering, Applied Sciences and Technology from 19 European countries. Euro-CASE acts as a permanent forum for exchange and consultation between European Institutions, Industry and Research.


Through its member Academies, Euro-CASE has access to top expertise and provides impartial, independent and balanced advice on technological issues with a clear European dimension to European Institutions, National Governments, companies and organizations.


Chairmen of the European IST Prize Executive Jury:


- 1995 and 1996: Prof. Dr. Karl Heinz Kaske (D), former CEO of Siemens

- 1997 and 1998: Dr. Bjorn Svedberg (S), former Chairman of Ericsson

- 2001 and 2002: Mr Thierry Breton (F), Finance Minister, Former Chairman and CEO, France T�l�com.

- 2004: Mr Guy Demuynck (NL), Member of the Executive Board of KPN and CEO of KPN Mobile


More about the technology:


US Patent: 20060203363
World Intellectual Property Organisation WO/2006/077323 and WO/2006/077324 and WO/2005/017602


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Contact: Patrick Levy Rosenthal

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