The Inconsant
Ship History


The Inconstant was built in 1848 by George Old at the Bras D'Or ship yards in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia (now Canada). It was 38 metres long and 8 metres wide. The vessel was ship-rigged with three masts - approximately 30 metres tall. The Inconstant made its maiden voyage to London probably carrying timber.


An artists impresion of the finished Inconstant.

There it was surveyed and registered by Lloyds and given an A1 rating. On 15 February 1849 the Inconstant set sail from Plymouth bound for South Australia. On board were 209 Irish female migrants. It reached its destination on 7 June. After repairs to the ship it left Adelaide on 11 September bound for Callao, Peru, with a cargo of tea and animal skins. The Inconstant never made it to Peru. When entering Wellington Harbour in October 1849 to replenish the ship's supplies of fresh water, it failed to complete a course change and hit rocks at Pencarrow Heads.

The Inconstant ashore at Te Aro, Wellington Harbour 1850

The Royal Navy survey vessel HMS Acheron went to the stranded vessel's assistance. During the night the Inconstant was hauled off the rocks and towed into the harbour and beached at Te Aro.