HESS and AED Partner to Improve Education in Equatorial Guinea

Students in Equatorial Guinea
AED is partnering with the Hess Corporation to improve education in Equatorial Guinea and better prepare students to be part of the country’s skilled workforce.

Through a partnership with the Hess Corporation, AED has launched a five-year, nationwide, education-improvement plan in Equatorial Guinea.

An approach, called “active learning,” that engages students in their education through hands-on activities, small-group instruction, and community involvement is the cornerstone of the country’s new Action Plan for Education Development. The program grew out of a cooperative planning process sponsored by Hess and conducted by AED with the full participation of the Ministry of Education, Science, and Sport and reflects input from administrators and teachers.

“The people and government of Equatorial Guinea are placing a high priority on improving education to accommodate the nation’s need for a skilled workforce as its economy continues to grow,” said AED President Stephen F. Moseley. “This $20 million corporate investment reflects Hess Corporation’s commitment to improving the quality of education in the countries in which it operates, and AED is proud to be its partner in this nationwide effort.”

AED will work closely with Equatorial Guinea’s Ministry of Education, Science, and Sport to provide training for teachers in how to instruct students using active learning, refurbish and update model schools, and reorganize teacher-training programs so that all of the country’s future teachers are skilled in active-learning practices.

Hess Corporation selected AED to design and implement the education improvement plan for Equatorial Guinea based on AED’s 40-year history of working in the United States, Africa, Latin America, and other regions on systemic education reform and its record of sustainable results.

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