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DiDio Confirms Adventure Comics Return

By Matt Brady
posted: 2008-11-17 10:45:00 ET

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While DC Executive Editor recently hinted to Newsarama readers that something major was going to play out with Superman in the Superman family of titles, he spoke a bit more in-depth about that specific element and a couple more with the LA Times over the weekend.

For starters, DiDio said that Superman turn Action Comics over to new characters, and in his own book, the Man of Steel will be headed into space – on a trip that some may see as one way.

“In his own book, "Superman," there will be a dramatic turn as the hero leaves Earth and it seems like he’s leaving for good,” DiDio said.” We’ll follow his adventures in space more so than his adventures on Earth, and that’s a big and exciting thing. We’re also bringing back one of the old-time favorite titles of DC Comics, "Adventure Comics." It will be back with a new No. 1 and with new stars but old stars at the same time. It’ll be pretty easy to guess who will be the stars of Adventure Comics if you know who the title was most identified with...”

The remaining conversation suggests strongly that the relaunch of the series will be the home for the Legion of Super-Heroes.


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