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Ivo Svetina Wins Veronika Award for Poetry
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Celje, 29 August

The Veronika Award for best collection of poems of 2005 went to Ivo Svetina. The poet received EUR 3,300 and a deed of the city of Celje for his collection "Lesbos" at an award ceremony in Celje on Monday evening.

According to the jury, composed of Irena Novak Popov, Peter Kolšek and Marjan Pungartnik, "Lesbos" represents a complex, multi-layered collection which reaches out to readers with different values. With this collection, Svetina returns to happy beginnings, as his poems are once again dominated by the joy of existing in a sensitive body, the head of the jury Novak Popov said at the ceremony.

A Golden Coin of Poetry, the newly-introduced award for lifetime contribution to Slovenian poetry, was bestowed on the poet and translator Ciril Zlobec, who celebrated his 80th birthday earlier this year.
Zlobec, the head of the first Veronika Award jury in 1997, received the award for his accomplishments in poetry and literature in general as well as for the development of the Slovenian language.
The jury stressed also how difficult it was to select the winner after reviewing as many as 386 collections of poems published between June 2004 and June 2005.

The Veronika Award winners include Iztok Osojnik, Ales Steger, Josip Osti, Ciril Zlobec, Marjan Strojan, Milan Jesih, Miklavz Komel, Milan Dekleva, and Erika Vouk.

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