Linux Stealth By Sean Trifero & Derek Callaway
  Linux kernel patch which discards packets that many OS detection tools use to query the TCP/IP stack. Includes logging of the dropped query packets and packets with bogus flags.  The stealth module by Derek Callaway is included all 2.2.x releases.

--> linux-2.4.19-stealth
--> linux-2.2.22-stealth
--> linux-2.2.21-stealth
--> linux-2.2.20-stealth
--> linux-2.2.19-stealth
Bridge Filter By Sean Trifero
  Linux kernel patch which creates a new built-in chain you can use to filter packets before the bridge.

--> complete information

--> linux-2.4.19-brfw /* work in progress */
--> linux-2.2.22-brfw
--> linux-2.2.21-brfw
--> linux-2.2.20-brfw /* work in progress */
--> linux-2.2.19-brfw /* work in progress */

Bind By Brian Knox

Bind patch which logs all exterior queries to help find the source of spoofed packets.

--> bind-8.3.3-unspoofing
--> bind-4.9.9-unspoofing

BitchX By Sean Trifero
  BitchX patch which fixes the #define HUMBLE compiling problems.

--> BitchX-1.0c19-humble
--> BitchX-1.0c18-humble

BitchX patch which adds a '*!*' ban mask

--> BitchX-1.0c19-jackass
--> BitchX-1.0c18-jackass

BitchX patch which fixes src-bx in Solaris 8 sparc

--> BitchX-1.0c19-scr-bx /* work in progress */