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Omaha Sports Commission Approves Resolution in Support of New Downtown Stadium
(OMAHA, Neb.  May 5, 2008) – The 26-member Omaha Sports Commission board of directors has approved a resolution supporting a new baseball stadium on the site of Qwest Center Omaha parking lots “C” and “E,” as well as the accompanying finance plan, according to Dan Morrissey, president.

“Without a doubt, the Men’s College World Series has been the catalyst for the success of the Omaha Sports Commission and for attracting the number and quality of sports events to our community,” Morrissey acknowledged. “The Series has provided Omaha with a reputation as being one of the premier hosts for the NCAA, so much so that they’ve agreed to keep their Division I Men’s Baseball Championship here for 59 years, which we’ve been able to leverage to attract other NCAA and amateur sports.”

Morrissey credits the Series with being instrumental in attracting the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, the NCAA women’s volleyball tournament, the 2008 Olympic Swim Trials and the 2010 NCAA wrestling tournament.

“The location of the new state-of-the-art stadium adjacent to the Qwest Center will further enhance the ‘Road to Omaha’ legacy,” Morrissey added. “Anytime you add another wonderful venue, it gives you a chance to dazzle people even more and it puts Omaha on a major stage with another world-class facility to complement the Qwest Center. This new stadium can only be a positive for the entire community as we look to the future.”

About the Omaha Sports Commission
The mission of the Omaha Sports Commission is to attract, host and support collegiate and amateur sporting events that produce a positive economic impact, enhance the image of Omaha, improve the quality of life for area residents, encourage community participation, and build an understanding in the community of the importance and value of sports. Read more about the sports commission at .

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Omaha Sports Commission Resolution in Support of a New Downtown Stadium

WHEREAS the Omaha Sports Commission board of directors supports the effort to further Omaha’s long-term relationship with the NCAA in hosting the Men’s Division I Baseball Championship and sees this relationship as mutually beneficial.

WHEREAS the NCAA will maintain the “Road to Omaha” legacy of Omaha as the home of the College World Series for almost 60 years and benefit from Omaha’s unique ability to bring large and enthusiastic crowds to games throughout the nearly two-week event.

WHEREAS the City of Omaha will benefit from approximately $40 million in annual economic activity generated throughout the community and the priceless public relations generated when the media spotlight shines on Omaha during this championship.

RESOLVED that we support the recommendation of the Mayor’s Stadium Selection Oversight Committee of a new stadium being constructed on the site of Qwest Center Omaha parking lots “C” and “E” and the accompanying finance plan.