Dr. Worden specializes in unique medical therapies from Europe and around the world. She uses Western diagnostic methods including a thorough history, physical exam, lab work and imaging studies. She utilizes alternative methods such as cold laser, clinical nutrition and energy medicine techniques for diagnosing disease in the body. Dr. Worden is licensed in clinical nutrition, acupuncture, spinal manipulation, botanical medicine, counseling, homeopathy, neural therapy, apitherapy (bee venom injections), live cell therapy and other natural healing modalities. She uses her knowledge of both systems of medicine to integrate the best treatment for the individual patient for their physical and/or emotional ailments.

Dr. Worden is a diplomate in the American Academy of Pain Management (AAPM). She is a member of Arizona State University Human Health Network. She is on the Board of Directors of the Naturopathic Academy of Therapeutic Injections (NATI) and a board member of the Naturopathic Physicians Board of Aesthetic Medicine (NPBAM) teaching mesotherapy, neuraltherapy, prolotherapy, and triggerpoint injections used in cosmetic procedures and pain management. Dr. Worden is faculty for Arizona State University (ASU) in the Human Health Department. She also chairs a medical advisory board for Olympian Labs, a natural product development company that distributes products to physicians worldwide. Dr. Worden is implementing nutritional genomics, bioenergetic medicine, brain wave mapping, and heart rate variability in her medical clinics.

Dr. Worden empowers individuals to identify the cause of disease and discover the most beneficial therapy for their unique health issues. She is trained in environmental medicine to detoxify the body while using clinical nutrition to optimize the bodyís ability to heal itself. Utilizing genomic testing to determine lifestyle changes and nutritional intervention and disease prevention, Dr. Worden is a leader in the field of personalized medicine.

Dr. Worden also has a masters degree in communications and television broadcasting. In the 1980ís, she worked in the television industry as host of two talk shows, news anchor and weathercaster. She is a natural teacher having taught university level communication courses. She is an accomplished singer, dancer, violinist and pianist winning many awards for her acting and musical talents.

Dr. Worden enjoys speaking and educating the public and healthcare practitioners on integrative medicine. She plans for a television show featuring research and therapies from around the world in alternative healthcare.