UK Applications

Download the UK application form (word doc), relevant to your organisation:

Business application form
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Do you want to put your local sustainable energy solution in the global spotlight to inspire others? If you’re finding new ways to produce or roll out renewable energy, supporting microgeneration, tackling fuel poverty, spreading energy efficiency or promoting sustainable energy at the local level, you may qualify for one of our UK awards.

Each year the Ashden Awards looks for ground-breaking initiatives that can share their hard-won success and get wider recognition for it. Your solution may be simple - but if it’s inspiring, practical and innovative too we want to hear about it.

Applications must be based on a scheme that’s been running for at least a year, that’s technically excellent and that’s improving the lives of local people. It’s a tall order but one that many applicants have already met. We offer first prizes of up to £30,000, and second prizes of up to £15,000 in each category.

The 2009 UK Awards are open to applications from businesses, local authorities and charities based anywhere in the UK. There is a separate Award for UK schools. Details of the 2009 awards categories are given on the Expression of Interest form. The Local Authority Award is supported by NESTA.

Recent winners include an energy efficiency scheme rolling out insulation in hard to reach rural areas; a partnership helping small businesses radically reduce their carbon footprint; a local council converting coal-fired boilers in schools to burn wood pellets and a green utility company helping spread microgeneration.

Local Authority Award supported by NESTA