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Brian Jonestown Massacre part 5

What about books? Do you read much?
“More than you would ever know.”

Are we talking fact, fiction…
“How about this one? Do you know what Ismailism is?”

I don’t, no.
“Well, you should learn about the [indecipherable] ’cause you’ll never understand what they’re trying to sell you about Al’Qaeda that doesn’t exist unless you know about Ismailism and something that will never give up and the death [sic] it will be amazing cause Rome marched through Damascus and built the Roman baths and aqueducts there and they’re gone. They’re here. Londinium. That’s what Albert Shrine is right across this park. You should walk across this park and take a look at it, read about this. I mean you should, it’s a beautiful day, it’s straight across, it’s right there, Albert Hall, they completely reguilded it…but these books are thicker than your head and surely contain more knowledge. I’m talking 1500 Cambridge Press, these are books to educate professors, these are not public books, it’s not Barnes and Nobles or get them on sale at Boots or what have you. These are the real deal, crazy books.”

Do you think they should be made available to the public?
“Well, they obviously are, there’s a whole world out there, but here’s the thing…”

No-one wants to learn?
“I don’t watch pornos. Or play video games…”

[Out of the window, Anton sees some pigeons flying around and talks at length about them, before a brief discussion about the open space in New York and the size of Central Park]

How do you find New York? Are you enjoying it or not?
“It’s just a sh*t hole I mean London’s a messy sh*t hole too, but it’s got a thousand years of sh*t hole history and New York’s just got a couple hundred years. The Indians didn’t even hang out there because nothing would grow cause the climate changes. They didn’t [indecipherable] fish there and banked there and camped there, but there was no permanent settlements when they made New Amsterdam, the Dutch.”

Do you miss the West Coast?
“Elements of it. I figure I’ll take my wife out to meet my nana and all my family and my roots and all that stuff and show here from BC down, even into Mexico. I just think it’d be educational for her. She’s never traveled that way.”

Would you go by coach, by Greyhound?
“I’ll drive my Mercedes, man. I don’t care, I’ll just roll right down.”

I’d love to drive across the States actually.
“I’ve done it a million times.”

Yeah. I feel very unfortunate I was born in England rather than America. I suppose it’s the allure of the unknown.
[Here he lets out a heavy, disapproving sigh] “You weren’t born in the lowlands of Bangladesh…”

Well, yes, it’s all relative.

“…like having a monsoon flood every day carrying your holy cow or whatever over your head as you’re running for these highground piles that they built, that aren’t even dykes, that are just standing points to run if you grab your people in the middle of a monsoon with trees flying around so you can’t hang on to them. I mean think about it.”

Do you always think on such epic terms? It seems everything translates to a bigger aspect, a bigger part of the world.
“Perspective. No, the bigger part of the universe. How’s that. Perspectives.”

But you always think grandly?
“No, I don’t have a myopic vision. I’m not focused and self-centred, I’m just thinking about perspective to me. When you said you thought you were unfortunate for being born in the UK, I mean, I can just think of a million different situations. Try Guatemala, Honduras…”

Of course. At some point, though, you have to reign it in surely?
You have to. At some point you need to actually concentrate on yourself because you were the one who was expressing some false sense of pity you were born in a different place. I don’t have to do a f*cking thing. I’m your elder. You have to go f*ck yourself, basically. This is over, this interview. Because this is a ridiculous assumption. You really don’t know how to speak English and I can’t believe you passed your A-levels.”

Well thank you very much…
“No, it isn’t a thank you situation. You don’t have to be smug.”

I wasn’t being smug.
“Well you are, actually, because this is not a thank you situation. I would say ‘Good day’. That’s polite. That’s civic. And civil. I’m just saying good day because it’s insulting to me that you would say that.”

I was going to say thank you for your time.

“Well, you didn’t. So you…a minimum of decorum is required. And at least a minimum of professionalism. And I can say to you in three languages this is unacceptable. This is my time. This is my beautiful wife. I’d rather be f*cking her than talking to you. I mean, you can barely speak English, because if you rewind your tape, I got a witness right here, he’ll just review it for you and you can find just find numerous, not grammarical [sic] errors, but errors of syntax that are really insulting to somebody who has any sort of intelligence. I don’t know if you need to up or down your Prozac level, but really, man, this is over. And you can talk as much shit about me as you want…”

I have no intention to…

“Well, then, go quietly. Please. I mean, I’ll pay you for your time.”

And those were undoubtedly the last words Anton Newcombe will ever speak to yours truly. It was, to say the least, quite an experience. For the record, I've never taken Prozac...

[Disclaimer: The above dialogue is a word for word transcript of the interview with Anton Newcombe and has been transcribed exactly as the interview occurred. Nothing has been added or changed to the dialogue. Where noted, certain small sections - where he was addressing his wife, or other people, or talking about pigeons - have been removed for the sake of brevity. Everything else has been left untouched. Any comments below are not necessarily the view of Aloud. We're working on the technicalities and legalities of the soundclip. Bear with us!]

Posted by Mischa at 02:48PM | March 3, 2008
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well you are f*cked because you can't even transcribe let alone speak.i recorded you and will fry your stupid ass on youtube and show you off to be the asshole that you truely are you smug presumptous think i would ever want to really be stuck in a room with a moron like you?

we(3 people filming and wife)think not you f*cking tit.

[Note: swear words starred out - nothing else changed]

Posted by anton alfred newcombe /fjordson at 06:56AM | March 11, 2008

Hey Anton, I truely love your grammarical errors.

Posted by Thomas at 10:48AM | March 12, 2008

Wow, Jarvis Cocker's really let himself go...

Posted by Al at 10:53AM | March 12, 2008

Wow, does the bit about Rome remind anyone of Dirk Diggler's rant in Boogie Night's about Napoleon and the Holy Roman Empire?

Anton, you're famous for being not as big as The Dandy Warhols. Keep up the good work.

Posted by Joe at 11:02AM | March 12, 2008

What an absolute lunatic this Anton sounds. He should be grateful that he still has fans that care about him or that people even want to feature him on their websites and publications. I don't care how crazy his antics or about the mythology surrounding him - this guy is a rude tosser .

The interviewer did well to be so restrained!

Posted by Thingy at 11:14AM | March 12, 2008

Making yourself look worse there Anton. Most people would let this one slide, for fear of making themselves look like a bigger idiot than they already have thus far. Then again, you don't seem like most people. You do have nice sideburns though. Well done you.

Posted by Boy of Destiny at 12:20PM | March 12, 2008

I don't get why Anton is so pissed off. The interview is transcribed as is. What the hell is he so angry about? It seems to be a big pile of paranoia in his over-active mind.
Dude needs to chillaaaax. Chillaaaaax Anton. Take a valium. Listen to James Blunt or something. James Blunt works a treat.

Posted by Bells at 01:52PM | March 12, 2008

"you think i would ever want to really be stuck in a room with a moron like you?"

"to really be"? Wait, I think that's a split infinitive and therefore a grammatical and syntactic inaccuracy, Anton. And after criticising the interviewer's syntax.

Now who's the moron?

Posted by Ryan at 09:48AM | March 13, 2008

Also, the word is 'truly'. No 'e'. You know, just FYI.

Posted by Ryan at 09:50AM | March 13, 2008

Two more things, Anton. Boots doesn't sell books. And why are you making a big deal out of your employees having paid insurance in a country which has a national health service?

Posted by Ryan at 10:17AM | March 13, 2008

I didn't know Vic Reeves was in a band.

Posted by Reef at 02:55PM | March 15, 2008

Thank you, Anton, for showing us mortals how stupid we truly are. I must applaud you and your photographic memory (and since you aver that no one knows what that means, I researched it and wrote a 10 page paper on it); such memory is a skill that very few possess. Maybe that's why you cannot help but mention it a few dozen times. However, now this is just crazy, stupid me talking, you have a great wealth of knowledge but refuse to use in any sort intellegent fashion. In fact, I declare that if you used any of that knowldge you have maybe you would stop interrupting people who are talking to you. I suggest reading a book on how to be polite and use that memory of yours to remember how to behave in public. If you do that I'm sure you'll find people less rude and more 'civil'. Really, letting other people talk can have a wonderful affect on the mind. Then again, I wouldn't want you to go out of your way (from reading 'real' books) and ondescend yourself to talk to below average intellegence people. That would be horrible!

Posted by Yvonne at 05:08AM | March 17, 2008

Anton, I think it is cool and all that your don't give a shit what people think about you and your music. Then again maybe you should have pride in what you create since it is yours. I don't anyone makes music for it just to go unliked. I say go ahead and have some pride in what people think of your music - if you don't then that is your problem, and it just goes to show how much you truly love what you do with your time.

Posted by R.H. Wallings at 05:29AM | March 17, 2008

What a prick. Im gonna download all his albums and just pick out the stuff I like, dlete the rest. Not gonna pay for any of it though. He's a twa$.

Posted by Chip at 08:13AM | April 6, 2008

Way to go Anton! I can see how you see things truthfully and are not a subscriber. Don't make such a big deal about grammer. It's only indoctrination. As long as you can be understood, the rest doesn't matter. You said a lot. The other goof doesn't actually see what is going on. Wake up world. The 60 % thing is a little low. This will happen faster than any of you want to know. Best of luck to all of all of those concerned.

Posted by Paul Montague at 07:49AM | April 20, 2008

why are the uneducated losers always the most pretentious?

Posted by Armand at 07:37PM | April 20, 2008

Possibly the worst interviewer I've ever seen. He couldn't even construct a sentence, let alone pose a question that would be of any benefit to the reader (or encourage an insightful response from the interviewee for that matter). I'm almost ashamed to write a reply to so many naive comments. I just hope he doesn't put any other poor sod under a similar barrage of inane questioning.

Posted by Carl Meanwell at 09:27PM | April 25, 2008

Anton has a amazing insight into society, I really was impressed by his links page on the BJM website he's one of the VERY VERY few who are truly informed, it's really sad how most people are just hypnotized by the logo's and the line being spoon fed to the Masses by the FOX news or dare I say even those on the "daily show" I realize he comes off really out there, he seems to follow thoughts with comments that may be incoherent but really sometimes talking to people today even those super cool LA hipster's is like have a conversation with a 5 year old given there daily does of prozac, he understands people really he does...after all we are all the useless eaters

Posted by Emry at 10:29PM | July 7, 2008

Human mind plus drugs plus a bit of mental illness equal "Hiroshima and Nagasaki"!
But i would love to listen him more...

Posted by liabomb at 11:41PM | July 26, 2008

I think anton does come across quite arrogant and somewhat crazy, but I also think the interviewer asked inane questions. In the right inviroment he is a genius. I personaly applaud his odd ways, if he were like every other carbon copy popstar etc. and all musicians/artists were ohh what a dull world we would live in!

Posted by lilli at 07:59PM | August 1, 2008

I'd perfer the antons of the world than the safe little bullshit and bullshitters that infest the world today, i mean all these fuckers posting with there "crazy"and "twat" posts what do want?? the fucken foo fighters or motley crue?? gimmie a break, we live in such a touchy-feely society in both the US & UK, this over-sensative pasty society makes me ill, at least is is'ent posing like all these asshole jock-rock bands fuck

Posted by emry at 12:27AM | August 30, 2008

why are the uneducated losers always the most pretentious?
conversational violence and manipulative coercion suggest a lack of understanding.

Posted by jeffrey Tollefson at 07:39AM | September 11, 2008

I'm getting me some sideburns pronto

Posted by Kenneth Dolman at 04:14AM | September 17, 2008

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